Hebrew Consonants, Vowel Chart & Consonant Chart


Here is an overview of Hebrew Consonants and Vowels that is avialable for personal study at Hebrew4Christians.com

Hebrew Consonants

To begin studying Hebrew, you must begin with its character set or script. Click on a letter below to begin studying how to pronounce, read, and write the letter (start with Aleph and proceed right-to-left through the entire alphabet):

The Hebrew Aleph-Bet

The Hebrew Character Set

Print Letters
Block Letters

Script Letters
Script Letters

More Hebrew Learning Tools

Free Downloads

Alphabet Flashcards (zipped PDF files) Alphabet Practice Pages (PDF file)
Quick Flashcards (Side 1, Side 2) Practice Grid Pages (blank grid)
Consonants Summary (Alternate) IPod Hebrew Alphabet
Let’s Sing It! (for kids)

Hebrew Vowels

Nikkudot by Type

Vowel Types
Each type of vowel (A, E, I, O, and U) can function as a long vowel (L), a short vowel (S), a reduced vowel (R), or an unchangeably long vowel (UL). (Note: Some grammars transliterate each of the same-type vowels differently (e.g., “a” with a bar over it for Qamets, “a” with a circumflex over it for a Patach, and so on); since our goal is to read the Hebrew text- not to convert the Hebrew into English characters, I simplified the transliteration scheme accordingly.)Long vowels can change to other, shorter sounds in a given word. For example, a Qamets can be shortened to a Patach when certain changes are made to the word’s morphology. Reduced vowels only appear under guttural letters and replace the function of the vocal sheva for those letters. Grammatically, chateph forms behave just like the sheva.

The Complete Hebrew Vowel List
You can click here to view the complete Hebrew vowel list in Table Format.

Other Learning Resources
You may also download Hebrew vowel flashcards or the entire Vowel Chart as a PDF file:

Hebrew Consonant Chart

The Hebrew Alphabet

Additional Basic Biblical Hebrew Grammar Resources
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Unit One: The Alphabet
Homeschool Hebrew
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The work of a Sofer

Audio Tanakh!

A brief history of Hebrew
Brief History of

Why Hebrew?
Jots and Tittles

Hebrew Features
Letter Styles

Ancient Pictograms

Hebrew Letters

Hebrew Vowels

Word Division

Hebrew Nouns

Hebrew Adjectives


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