Wine, Social Drinking & The Bible?

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We bless the Kiddush (wine) Cup because wine is holy and used at Passover (at annual Festivals) and Shabbat (weekly-foundation for catholic eucharist & communion), along with other celebrations and festivals.

The Biblical blessing for wine: ‘Baruch ata Adonay Eloheinu melekh ha’Olam borey p’ree ha’Gaphen’ | English translation: Blessed are thou, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who creates the fruit of the vine.

Psalms 104:15 says, “And wine that makes glad the heart of man.”

Preachers in America were swayed by prohibitionist who sought to make drinking illegal to find support for their stance. They took a stream of scriptures admonishing against excesses and the dangers of drunkenness to twist and say that its a sin. They tried to create a biblical mandate where there was none.

Paul said to “not be given to much wine” he did not says don’t drink at all. To be clear the biblical use of “wine” or “strong drink” is only to be done in “moderation,” to not be “given to much,” that on must not do it “if it causing stumbling” and the bible warns against “excess,” being a “drunkard” and “drunkenness.”

“Do not judge a man for what he eats or what he drinks” and “The Kingdom of God is not food or drink but righteousness, peace and joy in The Holy Spirit.”


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  1. czarthoughts says:

    Good stuff dude. Jesus’ accused of being a “drunkard” and John the Baptist was “crazy” because he didn’t drink. THey presented extremes in both cases but you can’t even begin to accuse Jesus of being a drunkard if didn’t drink at all.

    Say it plain man, say it plain. The church has a strange history of partnering with the government to push an agenda. Most recently…mortgages. But that’s another tale…

    • JustparaDOX says:

      Yezir… well um yeah… or the calling America the new Zion and trying to find biblical proof to exterminate Native Americans which was one of the ideas that Hitler used to support the extermination of the Jews. America… lives up to its root name Americu = “Feathered Serpents.” Americu Christians have a strange history and have made strage bed fellows

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