Overcoming A Deaf And Dumb Spirit

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Have you ever wonders what a deaf and dumb spirit is, or thought that maybe someone was acting like they couldn’t hear or understand you? Have you ever seen someone’s eyes glaze over when they were coming from a spirit of unbelief or even religion (which would be false belief or false programming) when you are trying to speak truth to
them and they don’t want to hear it (or couldn’t hear it). Trauma can be a catalyst for the deaf and dumb spirit because of the freezing up due to fear which can lead to programming your body to be conditioned that way maybe.

If you think about the Israelites going into take the land after coming through Egypt, the spies were in fear and unbelief. What kept them from seeing and going in, was a “spirit of fear” and “unbelief,” or belief in the wrong thing. Their minds may have been obscured from the truth of God because of fear of men, fear of failure, and rejection, they rejected themselves before the Canaanites could reject them. They rejected themselves to prevent the rejection that may have come from losing. Fear is faith mis-directed, its faith that God won’t come through and evil is the evidence of things not-hoped for but feared to be real the substance or spiritual force of what’s unseen. Faith is the evidence of what’s hoped for the substance of the unseen spiritual reality. The devil can not create anything new, he can only redirect what was created for Gods glory to focus on the wrong thing. He redirected Adam and Eve’s focus from what they had to what they “may not have had.” Thus creating a question of is this really all there is. “Fear” we know is a spirit a part of the body of sin, whose desire it to pull you into sin and make you feel powerless to break free, that’s why every time your about to get free it pulls back to strike and make you afraid even more than you can’t be free.

Fear and unbelief, froze them up, like a deer in the headlights. Oh, no there are too big. Well, our God is bigger. Fear and unbelief wants to freeze you up so you won’t move, so that you won’t see or understand, therefore you are operating in a deaf and dumb spirit. The deaf and dumb spirit wants to make it so you can’t see, you can’t hear and you can’t understand. You can look and see with your eyes but your mind is fruitless. Therefore your always learning but never coming to the KNOWLEDGE of truth or the wisdom, which wisdom is the understanding and application, right?

I have been praying about it, doing research in the history of the church and I was just talking to my wife and wondering about things we encounter where the truth is known and spoken but not acted on and God told me it was the “spirit of occult” blinding them with a “deaf and dumb spirit.” Matriarchal witchcraft is a form of occult, a false covering, or to obscure or cover the truth. In the battle between fear versus love we understand perfected love drives our fear or turns fear on its heals. Fear finds its covering in a false pretense, the pretense that you can cover yourself when God created a covering for us all. Jesus is covered by God, the church is covered by Jesus, the man is covered by the church, the women is covered by the man and children are covered by the parents. God created a covering, the devils trick is to un-cover you and get you to try and cover yourself with a false covering (fig leaves), therefore he obscures or hides the truth, in plain site no less, and covers it with a lie, i.e. “you must protect yourself,” etc. In the case of the church, he has slipped in to teach them the truth and condition them to be unresponsive, thus being hearers only and not doers. Its weird I was on staff at a Church and I remember a few times my pastor would pray, prepare and preach his heart out and no one would really respond, that week, one or two people would call or come by and ask how to apply the word that was a call to action, huh? That makes no sense. It was in the sermon what to do. A lot of people struggle because they are under a false covering of the “spirit of occultism,” through a “matriarchal witchcraft” or controlling spirit. and they don’t know, the god of this age has blinded their minds or covered their eyes from the truth, with the “deaf and dumb spirit.”

The 10 spies who had fear, lacked love, perfected love drives out fear and will do what fear says not to do (1 Cor 13). Love has faith, selfishness has fear, if you see the great food and covet it, but fear that in yourself you can’t accomplish it then you are afraid that you will be killed or put into slavery again. And because you don’t want to go their you run to protect yourself. The bible says in the last days people will increase in false self love, who will be lovers of themselves and will be easily offended because of the false self love. Selfishness is FALSE self love, why do I say this, self-ish, means to be like self but not truly self, ish, is like not really whatever is being talked about. What is truly self-ish or self-like but not really self. Disembodied spirits are self-ish or self-like, they want a body but can’t have one, so they covet self, when someone acts self-ish, they are not loving themselves as Jesus commands. They are being like demon spirit who have false self love. True self love will prefer others above yourself and serve others, self-like spirit will seek to horde stuff and defend. Does that make sense?

This is something you should seek to know the devils schemes, to submit to God, resist the devil, put on the full armor of God. We must engage in Spiritual Warfare. Right now if you have battled with a Deaf & Dumb Spirit, Matriarchal Witchcraft Spirit or a Spirit of Rejection. I want to agree with you, that i you submit to God and resist the devil, that as God’s word says he, the adversary, the spirits you struggle with will leave, when you repent, ask Yeshua (Jesus) to cover you with His blood. You can be free and overcome. Know who it is you battle with and how.

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  4. Rita says:

    Please pray for me about this spirit, I try to study the word and other things for work and I have had a hard time understanding and “getting it” I really need to get it cause I have been unemplyed for a year and I know the Lord has me doing this new job.


    • JustparaDOX says:

      If your having a hard time, I would suggest you repent and renounce any deaf and dumb spirits or religious spirits in your generations. I will agree with you that G-ds will be done and that He will bless you with your new job and ability to excell. Shalom en HaShem

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