Has Your Brain Been Washed By Your Favorite Crowd Control Expert (aka Pastor)? Is It Possible?

CNBC Mad Money at Indiana University

CNBC Mad Money at Indiana University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently a pastor mentioned to me that they had attended hypnosis classes in which the instructor stated that many preachers and evangelist take the program to learn how to control a crowd. Scarry! But I’ve seen it in practice. I went to a healing training seminar that the teacher was teaching you how to suggest things like when you wave your hand people fall at the suggestion. At that point he lost me. These parlor tricks are taught by many evangelical and charismatic “healers.” Power isn’t in the hype, but in the still small voice and is manifested in true miracles not some “hindu” influenced jerking, slithering, ecstatic laughter or falling down but in creative miracles. I’m not opposed to gifts, healing or miracles I’m am opposed to false prophets, prophets of Balaam and psychological manipulation through crowd control, peer pressure and the power of hypnotic suggestion. God isn’t in the roar or thunder or noise but in the still small voice, the steady stream in the desert, the river flowing from God’s throne. Too many are deceived by false hype and fake tricks. Be cautious “test ALL THINGS, Hold fast to that which is true.” We must learn to discern which spirit is in operation G-d, man or satan’s kingdom and not be swayed by hirelings and charlatans.

Recently I came across the article “The Battle for your Mind” by Dick Sutphen, the information is reflective of the book “Counterfeit Revival” by Hank Hanegraaf. I found the information to be informative and challenging. In short he chalks up much modern revivalism to mass hypnosis and explores how psychological manipulation and control are affected upon the masses, this is of course and over simplification. However, I would like to discuss and explore, the themes, ideas and topics, what they mean and what we can do with this information.

“In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed.” – Dick Supten

Many pastors in modern American churches use mass control and manipulation, from swelling repetitive music with a mesmerizing sound, to cohearsed giving, to rolling sermons, money drives and forceful alter calls. In mass control brain washing techniques are used to get you to give up control of your thoughts and open you up to suggestion and control. Many ministers know the power to use music to get you into an altered state of consciousness where you open to suggestion. Benny Hinn is a prime example he won’t come out til the music has the crowd in a highly suggestible state, then he starts calling prospective converts up who are manifesting signs of suggestiblity and through subtle suggestions effects catharsis or release of (psychic) energy that causes a person who is susceptible to falling and and convulsing or shaking on the ground. We must learn what is psychological manipulation and how its used so we can avoid it.

Many use the mass control process of “Conversion” and I don’t mean salvation but the process of converting ones mind and will into a moldable object open to suggestion. Many do this from seeing others do it, some do it because they want a desired result more money or more followers. Through swelling music with a rhythmic drum beat that is in sync with your heart and blanks out your mind to, compelling oration on giving under compulsion, to the voice roll preaching that gets the crowd hyped into one cohesive group think. This is how many Revivalist Preachers work. Worship music is good however music that simulates the rhythm of the druidic celtic music and shamanistic 33 beats that’s mirrors the hearts rhythm. Music is hypnotic and can be used to induce a trance like state. From hymns taken from bar songs to borrowed rock rifts turned worship trance songs to druidic and celtic chants modeled through the rhythmic and vocal melody. I’m not saying all is used to manipulate. But if the music follows the hearts rhythm and is repetitive of certain words over and over it is a brain washing technique to clear your mind to prepare your for suggestion. That’s why in this suggestible state they go into impassioned pleas for money and they start this swelling music at the end of preaching to prepare you for suggestions and commands to respond to altar calls. We must know the truth so that we don’t fall prey to the guise of these manipulators self indulgences.

There is a Build-up Process used to induce altered states of consciousness where everything from room temperature, music tempo, and voice rolling are used to prepare and open you to suggesting and impression. Next is Assured Continuation a process in which they Fleece the Flock. Group think and crowd control through fear and pear pressure are powerful tools to manipulate the congregants. Most use Bonding by Fear and Suggestion by referring to the fiery hell and torment with an over done focus on hell and judgment even more than love and peace. Its easier to control a crowd through fear than to use intelligence to communicate ideas. We must pay attention to and guard ourselves from these techniques. Avoid those who blatantly do these things consistently.

Dick Supten says there are five or six conversion techniques use to create catharsis or susceptibility to suggestion and control, let’s explore those.

Number one utilizes a mixture of Isolation, Intimidation, deprivation and Indoctrination. Many use isolation by telling you to leave your friends and family eveb though Paul said remain as you where when you were called. We are to be a light in the darkness, not to run and hide or act Omish. Yeshua said to be a city set on a hill not hidden in a bush. First the isolate you. Then they intimidate you using the fear of hell, death and being rejected by the community. Then they make you give up things you enjoy, depriving your of your personality, food (forced or group fasts. One should only fast if they hear G-ds voice) and entertainment. Once your isolated, intimidated and deprived then they start indoctrination because they wish to control what you do or believe at this point your more susceptible. We must not allow ourselves to be isolated, intimidated, deprived or intimidated. We must be clear in mind, reason together and seek to know G-ds truth.

Number two is The “Sell It By Zealot” Technique. This is another practice that is done too use people who been fully converted into suggestible mind slaves to testify and convince others its the right way. Once corporate catharsis is effected the crowd is more open to suggestion. Amway is an excellent example of sell by Zealot. A zealous convert will seek to convert others out of fear and misguided peer pressure. We must not give into peer pressure, hype or manipulation.

Third is Wearing Down Resistance which is the use of repetition to wear down mental and emotional resistance. We see this in music and media where they repeat the same themes, messages and ideas over and over until people believe and act on them. The show Mad Money is a perfect example of sensory overload its a horrible program for investing. This is similar to those infomercials that use sell by zealot and wearing down the resistance along with the illusion of peer pressure. This is done in preaching as well when preachers repeat things over and over or they incorporate songs that use the same words over and over affecting catharsis into an altered state of consciousness where you are highly suggestible. We must not allow ourselves warn down, to not get weary in well doing, but to endure.

Number Four is “Stockholm Syndrome.” When the focus is on a person or preacher the one emotional and mentally abusing the person until they give in then they start to love and admire their leader. Its why many follow the cult of personality and have affection for only their pastor and won’t listen to or attend church if someone else preaches. People get caught up in living their best life now around manipulative orators over torah observance in faith of Yeshua. Let’s leave the cult of personality for obedience to G-ds word and worship of the One True G-d.

Number five is used The US Marines which is a Brainwashing Cult. The Marines use all the tools of conversion, isolation, intimidation, deprivation, indoctrination, sell by zealot and wearing down the senses. Boot camp is an intensive course in dehumanizing you to turn you into a robot of the US government. Here are some Steps in the Decognition Process which starts with Thought Stopping. Here are Thought Stopping Techniques:

One marching to your hearts rhythm which stops the thought process.

Secondly combined with chanting makes your brain highly suggestible.

Third is repetition which wears down and overrides your natural mental defenses.

Forth is Meditation, its a process of blanking out the mind, making one suggestible, combine that with chanting, its make you very suggestible to programming on the theta level. This is where many open themselves up to channel demons.

True Believers who are converted through mental catharsis and Mass Movements rooted in peer pressure are hard to persuade they are controlled, group think and hive mind take over. The Mass Misuse of Subliminal Programming is prevalent in media, music, television, news, even in programs like TBN who focus on pledge drives and peer pressure. Vibrato is another technique that uses rhythm, kadence and the voice roll to effect a blank mind slate for pressure and manipulation. If you ever feel like you aren’t yourself in a church or similar setting and forget most of what you heard when you where there chances are you where manipulated, your mind was a blank slate and if you did as suggestion, then catharsis was affected upon leaving you feel different and free from the adrenaline rush and tear jerking pressure. It almost feels like a relief to leave. Learn to discern and avoid peer pressure, brain washing and mass control techniques. Extra-low Frequency Vibrations (ELFs) such as sound pulse in sound systems or even the rate at which an air conditioning unit buzzes can create a blank or phased out mind state. Be aware of brainwashing techniques, learn to discern and avoid them.

The Only Hope of Immunity is too prepare yourself, educate yourself, learn the signs and to seek to avoid their influence. Be conscious and vigilant. Don’t allow any of these techniques to persuade you. Refuse to respond to these types of pressure.

May this information be useful and helpful in helping you learn what’s real and fake.

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