A Response To A Critique Of My Article "Do You Have An Inkling Of An Idea Of What CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien Intended With The Chronicles Of Narnia & The Hobbit"


So after the release of the recent Narnia movie I decided to re-publish promote my recent blog on CS Lewis and Narnia, the Inklings and Tolkiens connection to the Occult. Here is my response to my critique of a critique. Felt sharing the discussion might help other with similar questions.


“Lewis’ thinking was influenced by occultism”

Which is the problem that I point out and show the problem with.

“but I don’t think that CS Lewis was trying to promote the PRACTICE of occultism.”

Ok? I provided quotes from CS Lewis, & Tolkien themselves and biographers who wrote favorably about them. That stated the intended to present the sacred mythologies and promote them. Whether they intended to or not their works do promote the practice of Occultism. Read the original blog and check the sources.

CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien where Rosicrucian and part of the Order of the Golden Dawn. CS Lewis said I want to first make people pagan and then Christian because pagans make better christians. That is a very wrong statement in and of itself. Very problematic.

On this blog many time I deal with the pagan destructive influence on true Christianity, comparative mythology-religion and expose the false while shining light on the true.

As for what you want to think that’s up to you. I have proven what Tolkien and Lewis stated they intended to promote the ancient mythologies and to bring them to the mainstream and I chronicled how its done exactly that. Even if they didn’t intend to promote the occult that have done so much and so well that is why many occult stores carry both works.

You sound like a proponent of the Venus Project & Zeitgeist movement which I’ve also dealt with here on this blog. The things I’ve exposed and shown true light on throughout this blog. Resource based society is no better that material possessions or money, he who controls the money and resources seeks to control people. The godless dystopia of that movement is heartless and painful to see. It was a performance piece taken as fact that is biased and flawed.

You do not have to believe in the supernatural to be Christian despite your assertion. Though believers should believe in and experience miracles. Many denominations deny the gifts of the spirit and working of miracles. They that believe shall have signs, wonders and miracles following them states scriptures. I believe in the gifts of healing, tongues, prophecy and miracles. I’ve seen people born crippled walk through faith in Yeshua alone without magic, sorcery, alchemy, astrology, herbology or numerology. Given I was doing missions in another country. Americans are too intellectual to experience real miracles for the most part. Most deny it and rationalize it away. If you don’t believe it won’t happen. True miracles are not the conjuring of magicians or charlatans but wrought the hand of God.

“as for magic, Hermeticism, Kabbalah etc. yes we should not be practicing this.”

True and that’s my point Narnia and the Hobbit are based in Magic, sorcery, kabbalahh, enchantments, pagan mythos, etcetera. As can be seen by Witches, Pan, Magic, etcetera. I point out the elements of the occult that came from their belief in Rosicrucianism and the Order of the Golden Dawn of which they both where members of.

“However how do you suppose the supernatural world works?”

Faith in God and and obedient relationship with Him and God promises to do great and mighty things for them who believe. Its simple belief, trust or faith. Not numerology, astrology, alchemy, necromancy or sorcery. This is a funny statement that I’ve heard Christians, Kabbalist, Freemasons and Rosicrucians reiterate as a defense of what they do. Its a weak point comes off kind of humorous. Faith in G-d and G-d moving His hand is how miracles work, its that simple.

“We all agree that God can do miracles but HOW?”

The bible tells us and shows us how He does miracles. Everything outside the bible isn’t inspired by Him and can’t be trusted to explain Him. Since His word is His direct revelation to us. The rest is conjecture men trying to explain God or trying to control who they believe he is.

“Unless people have a way to conceive of all of this stuff they will think it is nonsense -something can’t exist without a reason.”

Yes, Satan is a counterfeiter if you read my blog on the Magi you can see how Magic works. Part 1 is out Part 2 is coming next week.

God created the natural for God to heal or do miracles is natural to Him and only required faith not conjuring or sorcery.

I’ve seen people healed, I’ve seen angels protect young kids on a mission trip from a falling rock. I’ve been protected by many angelic miracles. I know how the supernatural works.

I also have dealt with demon possessed people so I know how satan works, through magic, manipulation, astrology, alchemy, necromancy, etc.

Tolkien and Narnia deal in the realm of satanic magic not God ordained miracles. The two are polar opposites just like true Judiasm, Messianic Judiasm and Judeo-Christianity is completely seperate from an false, pagan or psuedo sun-religion.

Judiasm is not a sun worshipping religion, the bible includes no sun worship and before the advent of the pagan “Universal (Catholic) Church which was heavily influenced by Mithraism and Neo-Platonist magic Christianity had no sun worship elements. Constantine and Rome re-imaged the Church destroyed its Jewish foundation and made up a new psuedo-pagan-christian-mythology. Biblical Judiasm and Christianity have no elements of paganism or sun-worship in them.

“there may be something to what is going on with occultism especially in light of the “new physics” along with Jungian or “depth psychology.””

Jungian was an occult psychologist, he spoke to spirit guides or demons, he also called our demons or generational iniquity the dark archetypes of our ancestral past. In the blogs on pre-adamite and aliens or angels I deal with these fallen angels who are the disembody spirits of lucifers minions or the spirit guides or dark archetypes of our ancestral past. As for alternative physics its still not accepted a science. And its called alternative for a reason. Its not new its the pagan preisthood of magicians and sorcerors re-imaged for a new age. There is nothing new under the sun. There is power in occultism, satan, lucifer and an understanding of magnetic fields, gravity and its effect on our chemistry. Knowing nature and being able to manipulate it doesn’t make magic it makes trickery and bafoons. God does real miracles which doesn’t require esoteric knowledge or secret boy clubs.

“Now should we be using this knowledge for actual effect? No, the Bible forbids it.”

If you acknowledge the bible forbids it you just provided a counter argument to the case you said which makes you point moot.

“Though just because CS Lewis and Tolkien provide a comprehensive supernaturalistic world in their fantasy books doesn’t mean the knowledge that this stuff exists and works is itself wrong.”

They do provide an accurate and comprehensive view of Norse, Greek and Egyptian mythology and the accurately depict the use of magic sticks, sorcery, magic languages, and other forms of black magic. The stuff does work but you have to be a satanist, to believe and follow Lucifer, sam hein, baalzebub, baphomet or whatever name the devil wants to take in these false religions.

“And BTW comparative mythology taken with Jungian metaphysics provides a very powerful argument for Jesus divinity.”

Really. See I just go with historical proven people like Josephus, Philo and other who weren’t Christian and spoke of Yeshua. I don’t subscribe to pagan or demon influenced ideologies. Yes satanism works because the devil is real. Demons exist and can do things. The doctrine is called demonology. Those who worship, speak to and channel demons are in fact satanist. Whether you call the demons, spirit guides, dark ancestral archetypes or aliens.

“Kukulkan for example is on the list of “sun-god” myths that are similar to Jesus.”

Really? Wow! You should read my blogs dealing with Mithraism, Neo-Platonianism, Universal (Catholicism) and the sun-gods and you will see the two aren’t compatible in stricly scriptural Hebraic, Judeo-Christian world view. Yes Satan and demons exist and can speak to people they know the truth that’s why they create disinformation, distortion and lies.

“The catch is that this myth appeared over in South America which only contacted the east in the last 500 years or so. So how did it get there?”

Two things one is a land bridge, and second are demons aren’t bound to the space we exist in. They exist in the second heaven or what some would call and alternate dimension by some. The ancient earth Pangaea or Atlantis what have you was one continent. It wasn’t til the tower of babel that the land was divided and split up. It is in Genesis that it says this. The mystery religion of babylon has been taken across land bridges from the time of the dividing the continents. This doesn’t make the true just means they were carried great distance that once weren’t so far apart.

“It sounds to me whatever caused it can only be explained supernaturally and not by standard naturalistic assumptions that would say it was only cultural transmission.”

Demons, the disembodied spirits of the fallen angels (malakim) and their offsrping the giant Nephillim are the “cultural transmission” that you, Lewis and Tolkien refer to. Demonic transmission. You are right to mention is because Lewis and Tolkien believed in the truth your speaking of and sought to express this cultural transmission or demonic emanation to the world through their mythiopoetic writings based in the real Norse, Germanic, Roman and Egyptian myths.

“If God would manifest what would he look like?”

Yeshua, a palestinian Jew who was of Semetic descent. He looked like ancient Arabs and Jews. He may have had a little Egyptian as the Hebrews spent a few hundred years in captivity.

“Comparative mythology gives us a strong idea.”

Um, no it doesn’t read my blogs on Persia, The Arya, Mithra, Platonianism and the Magi, along with Catholic Universalism. They give a false picture and image of fallen angels cast to the earth. The themes of dragon gods, serpent gods and world tree’s and their sacred knowledge is the source of all magic. They are story from oracles of fallen angels and demons.

“Oddly what we come up with looks an awful lot like Jesus”

Seriously? No! I’ve read the Vedic, Mitrha, Mayan, Chinese, Tao, Buddhist, Egyptian, Platonianist and others and none fit the biblical account. Not based on right foundations or understanding. The God of the bible created the stars, planets, and everything therein. He is not the author of the tales spun by fallen angels.

“See you lose access to good arguments like that when you do this.”

What are you talking about. I know the truth and no amount of argument and debate can over power the truth. I do point out all the pagan stuff you mention and call it what it is, luciferianism. The truth will set you free. The G-d of the bible condemns the evil comparitive mythologies and demon inspired notions you’ve reinforced that Lewis and Tolkien intended to bring up. I’m exposing the lies and showing the truth.

Blessing en HaShem Yeshua

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