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Handmade shmura matzo used at the Passover Sed...
Apr 15th, 2011

Why Easter? Why Not Passover? by Sondra Giehl

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As I grew up it became less about the new Easter outfit and more about Resurrection Sunday. The pastor would have us celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead on the third day. This is a noble attempt from the church to redeem the Easter holiday by taking the attention off of the bunny and eggs. Now that I have grown up I don’t see how the bunny and eggs go with Jesus death or resurrection but I can see the appeal especially if you have children it gives you & them something to look forward to.

Becoming a believer in the Hebraic roots of Christianity I have come to understand, enjoy, and observe (to the best of my abilities) the feasts laid out in the Word of God (Leviticus 23). Knowing that I can find the exact scripture that says “do this remembrance of me” makes me at peace with my celebrations of the holidays.

Jesus is considered by scholars such as Weber ...
Apr 15th, 2011

Can Jews & Christian Ever Be Truly Judeo-Christian? Is Unity Between The Two Faith’s Possible?

Biblical Feasts | Pagan Christianity | para-DOX parABLEss

Here my response to a recent post that stated “Jews and Christians will never be Judeo-Christian.” That is interesting because […]


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