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The next “Smart” phone, the iPhone, or not so “Smart” phone from my perspective is not so much a smart phone it’s much like the Windows 7 and Android Tablets in this sense to me mostly it’s capable of web surfing, social networking and watching videos has no slot for a micro SD card and you can’t pull out the battery. That’s a no go for me; no thanks Uncle Sam and SpyNet or I mean SkyNet. Google is SkyNet since it sent the Android back in time to kill the iPhone and tracks everything as well hmmm. I’m a bit confused about the villains in this story. Wait are they just competing options of the same thing, fun to play with, good to track you with but not so smart? Yes they have a touch screen. They are expensive and do not have expandable storage. You have to use iTunes which I don’t appreciate. Not having a keyboard detracts from serious writing and writers. When you only use twitter, texting and Facebook to communicate you don’t need a keyboard. Writers need keypads to be able to write more, faster and longer for very little writing the touch screen is good. You can sync a bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone and some Androids which can be an advantage. And they have a large array of Apps that far eclipse the Blackberry and Windows 7 phones.

Next up is the Android Tablet, I received a Coby Kyros for my birthday which I rooted and updated to OS 2.3 Gingerbread and it’s pretty nice for an eBook reader with some other fun stuff. As I said they are the same as iPhone/iPad for listening to music, viewing videos, reading an eBook, surfing the internet and being sociable at 160 characters or less. As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection otherwise it’s just good for eBook reading, games and some apps. Now that I’ve worked with the OS I’m not impressed but it is very competitive with the iPhone, better than in my opinion. It’s like an iPhone/iPad but cheaper which isn’t always good. Android is a solid OS very much comparable to the iPhone. I am not a fan of an iPhone so the Android is a better choice in my book. If you want to be sociable and have the new cool thing it’s for you. Android is a lot better than Windows 7 phones. It’s a solid phone. I’m just hooked on my CrackBerry and nothing can replace it. Root your Android Tablet if you get one. Another good thing about Android is that they do have expandable storage and allow it which is good. All tablets period seem to be for internet viewing and sociability, listening to music, reading eBooks and watching videos. There all the same plus or minus a few feature and with a few changes to the build. There not computers and can’t run computer software they can run applications since there based on cell phone operating systems. Tablets are not PC’s and are not for the serious computer user they are for those who just want to have fun.

So there you have it the war between Skynet (SpyNet/iPhone-iPad), The Resistance Fighter (Google Android), and The AutoBots (BlackBerry) oh and the lone straggler, the 40 Year Old Virgin, the DeceptiCon (Windows 7).

Whose side are you on? Weigh in. Sound off so which are you?:

  1. Autobot-Blackberry Phone-Blackberry Playbook?
  2.  Decepticon-Windows 7 Phone?
  3.  Resistance Figther-Android-Droid Tablet?
  4.  SkyNet-iPhone-iPad?

Sound Off Now…

End Transmission…

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