Do You Have A Smart or Dumb Phones Parts 1-3 [Apple VS Google; Microsoft VS RIM]


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I’m a bit vexed about the current phone market situation. I see a growth of what looks like the SkyNet defense grid and a group of resistant fighters trying to fend off the big gun ships. We’re fighting against John Connor and SkyNet we want freedom from J.C. He doesn’t look like the good guy to us. Okay I may have lost you a bit on the metaphor you’ll get it later on. Let’s take a journey into smart phones and see what makes them smart or not so “smart”! Personally I have had BlackBerrys, Window’s Phones, Android, and iPhones. In my estimation, Blackberry is the best hands down for me for many reasons and others like me feel the same way #teamBlackBerry. Let’s take a journey through the phones I’ve had and may take on why some phones are actually “smart” phones and others are not.

My first introduction to the Smartphone was a Windows Smartphone the Motorola Moto Q which seemed very much like a Blackberry to me, being able to use Word, Excel and Power Point on my phone was excellent. Its familiar look to Blackberry and lower price point caught my attention so I bought it. Having Apps for syncing contacts and other interesting things was new to me. Being a writer I found it useful and didn’t want to give it up. That was until I met Blackberry and that was a whole other world of usefulness.

Right now my wife has the Windows 7 LG Quantum as her work phone and I have to say it does not have enough Apps and it’s a bit limited. It is capable of web surfing, social networking, and watching videos it doesn’t have a slot for a micro SD card which makes it pretty much useless and limited in my opinion. What you can squeeze on the phone is what you get and like the iPhone-iTunes umbilical cord you have to use Zune to add your tunes to a Windows 7 phone don’t ask me if there is a hack I wouldn’t even waste my time. I am not impressed with the OS at all.

For those in the BB and Android world who like to be free from the curse of using industry specific software like iTunes or Microsoft’s not so slyly named Zune. I like open systems so you can drag and drop files from eBooks, docs, music, and videos. I still use Creative Media Source to transfer music files I got the software with one of the first MP3 players I got back when those mattered, MP3 players that is. Now your phone is your MP3 player, PDA, game system, business device, etcetera… Phones do so much now.

I also still use Windows Plus! MP3 Audio Converter LE to convert all my .mp3 to smaller .wma files so that they take up less space on my hard drive. iTunes doesn’t like that so much and wants to convert them back to .mp3 one reason I don’t like the iBuffoon software for music purposes. But that’s an extremely personal decision, they the iTune-AppleHeads, can be so negative when you speak unfavorably of their cultish movement. I tried an iPhone but switched sides back to the Autobots #TeamBlackBerry. iPhones are the Decepticons. Just call me Jet-fire #wink. Androids are just those robots from the future sent back in time to Terminate the iPhone before it takes over the world. And well Windows, it’s just something you look out when you’re bored or wish to reach out and touch someone.

Okay all kidding aside I’m on a PC which part times as a hack-n-MAC but don’t tell anyone. I wish I had a Mac laptop because Windows OS has been a hop and flop, you hope and hop on the new OS and flop it’s got more bugs than a roach motel. Come on Microsoft controlling the OS isn’t the only concern learn from Apple control the PC end as well. That’s where Android is good and bad too, the OS is good but anyone can use it and put it on a bad device and it can suck ergo all the Android Tablets for $99 to $150 from somewhere in the Orient that are simply titled “Android WiFi Tablet.” Do they have a rhyme or reason? Not really. Some have a front and rear camera but are glichy to say the least. The low end Android Tablets have to be rooted to be of any use but then still are very limited on substandard components. The top of the tier Android Tablets are a bit beastly, meaning they give iPad a run for its money. Anyways, before I go off on Android which is an equal and at times superior to iPhone in every way, with a few advantages for those who don’t like to be stalked by the uncle Sam at all times and like to actually pull a battery out of their phone at times.

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imageI will get into why I say some smart phones are “smart” and some are not. For one my wife’s LG Quantum is a piece of a cow pie in my opinion. It’s a phone, who called it “smart” I have no clue, oh wait #failforMicrosoft. My wife’s LG Quantum the current set of apps in the Microsoft 7 phone series is a living piece of crud oil without a refinery you can’t run anything on it its limited and doesn’t look very exciting period. It can’t touch Android, iPhone or BlackBerry on their worst day which in comparison is never even for the Chinese made non-specific Android devices. The LG Quantum is if nothing, a return to the cell phone just being a phone “that you call people on and text” period. If all you want is a phone it’s a winner. Apps = #fail. Okay you get some Facebook integration but that’s about it. Forget your favorite app or game as previously stated it’s just a phone nothing smart to it. If “smart” is just being a phone or paperweight then it’s a winner for those who get tired of real smart phones. Or if you want a light break into the smart phone world maybe I say that very cautiously not really believe what I just said. If you ask me don’t do it. Get a cheap Android before you try a Windows 7 paperweight unless like I said you want “just a phone” or like that sprint commercial it can be an anti theft deterrent just chuck it at a would be assailant ala Naomi Campbell style and wallah you can run away while they nurse their wound. My wife is getting an Android soon. This can’t be soon enough for me. I’m tired of seeing that lump of coal lying around we need to start a fire with it.

My next phone was a Blackberry 8520 running OS 5 and I could use Wi-Fi it had a keypad which for writers and business professionals are essentials. I started using it to write roughs for articles and songs sending them to my PC to do the last edits and write-ups ergo this article your reading started that way. For us BB folk we are always at Starbucks for a meeting or to work on a project or read a book so the Wi-Fi connectivity is nice ergo your service is momentarily interrupted you can still get on the web, check email, Facebook, twitter and use some apps on the hotspot Wi-Fi connection. Touch a screen indiscriminately and getting the wrong letter and going back is a hassle, like all the Android and iPhones. Yes Blackberry has added touch screen to its forte. Writers, business professional, musicians who write music and politicians who actually work and write policy use BlackBerry, just look at the statistics. BlackBerry’s are for smart people, Android and iPhone are for people who want to have fun. The apps in AppWorld are pretty solid and cover all my fun and professional needs. The Micro SD space it could hold is a world of its own and then they brought the OS 6 and I’m just loving the feel. It’s light but functional, takes good pictures, better than my wife’s windows phone. For a while I went back to BB 8330 and felt a little stone age, like stoning someone with this slow thingamabob I mean it could only hold 3 to 5 apps, it was crap. So I’m not back with a BB 8530 and happy with the apps, software and the beauty that is BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Playbook and OS 7 look very promising and BlackBerry just unveiled a whole group of phones they will be releasing to the market. I haven’t actually held a playbook or got to play with one but it looks more fun than the rooted Android Tablet I know has. But we shall see how that does on the market competing with the already established iPad aka #maxiPad and the Android Tablet that is ripping gaping holes in the iPad market. Everyone seems to have some fantastic Android Tablets such as the Xoom looks and feels like a beast compared to my experience with iPad I’d say Android Tab’s are a winner for a reason. Never mind Google+ may just deep six Facebook like Twitter and Facebook did when they tag teamed and threw  MySpace out of the ring.

Article first published as on Technorati Hereimage

The next “Smart” phone, the iPhone, or not so “Smart” phone from my perspective is not so much a smart phone it’s much like the Windows 7 and Android Tablets in this sense to me mostly it’s capable of web surfing, social networking and watching videos has no slot for a micro SD card and you can’t pull out the battery. That’s a no go for me; no thanks Uncle Sam and SpyNet or I mean SkyNet. Google is SkyNet since it sent the Android back in time to kill the iPhone and tracks everything as well hmmm. I’m a bit confused about the villains in this story. Wait are they just competing options of the same thing, fun to play with, good to track you with but not so smart? Yes they have a touch screen. They are expensive and do not have expandable storage. You have to use iTunes which I don’t appreciate. Not having a keyboard detracts from serious writing and writers. When you only use twitter, texting and Facebook to communicate you don’t need a keyboard. Writers need keypads to be able to write more, faster and longer for very little writing the touch screen is good. You can sync a bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone and some Androids which can be an advantage. And they have a large array of Apps that far eclipse the Blackberry and Windows 7 phones.

Next up is the Android Tablet, I received a Coby Kyros for my birthday which I rooted and updated to OS 2.3 Gingerbread and it’s pretty nice for an eBook reader with some other fun stuff. As I said they are the same as iPhone/iPad for listening to music, viewing videos, reading an eBook, surfing the internet and being sociable at 160 characters or less. As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection otherwise it’s just good for eBook reading, games and some apps. Now that I’ve worked with the OS I’m not impressed but it is very competitive with the iPhone, better than in my opinion. It’s like an iPhone/iPad but cheaper which isn’t always good. Android is a solid OS very much comparable to the iPhone. I am not a fan of an iPhone so the Android is a better choice in my book. If you want to be sociable and have the new cool thing it’s for you. Android is a lot better than Windows 7 phones. It’s a solid phone. I’m just hooked on my CrackBerry and nothing can replace it. Root your Android Tablet if you get one. Another good thing about Android is that they do have expandable storage and allow it which is good. All tablets period seem to be for internet viewing and sociability, listening to music, reading eBooks and watching videos. There all the same plus or minus a few feature and with a few changes to the build. There not computers and can’t run computer software they can run applications since there based on cell phone operating systems. Tablets are not PC’s and are not for the serious computer user they are for those who just want to have fun.

So there you have it the war between Skynet (SpyNet/iPhone-iPad), The Resistance Fighter (Google Android), and The AutoBots (BlackBerry) oh and the lone straggler, the 40 Year Old Virgin, the DeceptiCon (Windows 7).

Whose side are you on? Weigh in. Sound off so which are you?:

  1. Autobot-Blackberry Phone-Blackberry Playbook?
  2. Decepticon-Windows 7 Phone?
  3. Resistance Figther-Android-Droid Tablet?
  4. SkyNet-iPhone-iPad?

Sound Off Now…

End Transmission…

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