Weekly Torah Portion: Vayera – וירא: “He Appeared”

Sarah and Abraham hosting three angels

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The fourth reading from the book of Genesis is named Vayera (וירא). It means “And he appeared” because the first story describes how the LORD appeared to Abraham one day as he sat outside his tent. Section Vayera continues with the series of tests of faith for Abraham, concluding in one great and final trial.

Torah (First 5-Chumash Books of The Bible): B’resheet (Genesis) 18:1-22:24

Outline for this weeks TORAH

  • Genesis 18:1 | A Son Promised to Abraham and Sarah
  • Genesis 18:16 | Judgment Pronounced on Sodom
  • Genesis 19:1 | The Depravity of Sodom
  • Genesis 19:12 | Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed
  • Genesis 19:30 | The Shameful Origin of Moab and Ammon
  • Genesis 20:1 | Abraham and Sarah at Gerar
  • Genesis 21:1 | The Birth of Isaac
  • Genesis 21:8 | Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away
  • Genesis 21:22 | Abraham and Abimelech Make a Covenant
  • Genesis 22:1 | The Command to Sacrifice Isaac
  • Genesis 22:20 | The Children of Nahor

Haftarah (Prophets): M’lakhim Bet (II Kings) 4:1-37

Outline for this weeks prophets

  • 2Ki 4:1 | Elisha and the Widow’s Oil
  • 2Ki 4:8 | Elisha Raises the Shunammite’s Son

Brit’ Chadashah (New Covenant): Kefa Bet (2 Peter) 2:4-11

Outline for this weeks new covenant

  • 2 Peter 2:4 | False Prophets and Teachers

Suggested Weekly Gospel Reading: Lukas (Luke) 2:1-38

Courtesy of www.torahportions.org a division of www.ffoz.org

Outline for this weeks gospel

  • Luke 2:1 | The Birth of Yeshua
  • Luke 2:8 | The Arrival of Sheppards
  • Luke 2:21 | Yeshua is Presented in the Temple

Weekly Gospel Reading plus Outline and suggest translation reposted from The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels http://www.vineofdavid.org/

For further study on “Vayera”  and commentary, please read these articles from First Fruits of Zion http://.ffoz.org

  • The Outcry against Sodom: http://ffoz.org/resources/edrash/vayera/the_outcry_against_sodom.php
  • Remember Lot’s Wife: http://ffoz.org/resources/edrash/vayera/remember_lots_wife.php
  • Hungry Angels: http://ffoz.org/resources/edrash/vayera/hungry_angels.php
  • Abraham’s Greatest Test: http://ffoz.org/resources/edrash/vayera/abrahams_great_test.php
  • Abraham’s Prayer: http://ffoz.org/resources/edrash/vayera/abrahams_prayer.php
  • Son of the Free Woman: http://ffoz.org/resources/edrash/vayera/son_of_the_free_woman.php

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  2. [...] Weekly Torah Portion: Vayera – וירא: “He Appeared” (paradoxparables.justparadox.com) [...]

  3. [...] Weekly Torah Portion: Vayera – וירא: “He Appeared” (paradoxparables.justparadox.com) [...]

  4. [...] Weekly Torah Portion: Vayera – וירא: “He Appeared” (paradoxparables.justparadox.com) [...]

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