Is Eddie Long Wrong For Apologizing For Ralph Messer’s Messy-Antics, Did Paula White Get Crowned As Queen And Join This Deceptive Pseudo-Judaism King-Queen Coronation Fiasco?


imageThe latest YouTube sensation to make a rage on the internet and legitimate news rounds was the ceremony between Ralph Messer and Bishop Eddie Long in which Eddie Long was wrapped in a sacred Torah scroll and crowned as a king in a mock ceremony. CBS, CNN, FOX, ABC, The LA Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Post, Charisma News, New Voices, and many other outlets covered this. From bloggers to legitimate news.

“Messianic blogs and websites are buzzing with the news of self-styled “Messianic Rabbi” Ralph Messer’s recent desecration of a Torah scroll at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA. A YouTube video shows Messer wrapping the scroll around Bishop Eddie Long in a mock coronation ceremony.“ D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

I have to say when I finally watched it I was mortified, horrified, felt like I watch something between a rape and a car wreck and was forced to sit there. One I want to know what this guy who claims to be “Messianic” and/or “Jewish” is doing and why the title “King” and “Eddie Long” are all in one topic. None of which make any sense ever in any context period. Then I see the video and a “Mike Murdock” look alike shouting “you feel the anointing” and many other techniques along with hypnotic music and light displays, that I wrote about in an article titled “Has Your Brain Been Washed By Your Favorite Crowd Control Expert (aka Pastor)” on the topic of brainwashing techniques and crowd control. There were many red flags before he started going in to his this may cause death or life in people ceremony. The slight of hand, group think, peer pressure, hype and psychological manipulation that was about to go one in this show was amazing. Its so sad to see people duped by this showmen fleecing the flock which apparently he has been doing for years.

“I would agree this falls under Charismania crowd manipulations and crowd control dynamics.” D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

It is sad that this catastrophe and apostasy was connected falsely to Messianic Judaism. There are Gentiles who aren’t Messianic Jewish or Hebrew Roots who don’t know or have solid foundation in the Messianic Movement, who aren’t accountable to anyone and make up things, claim to be Jewish, Hebrew Roots or Messianic but are not. They throw out some Hebrew terms and ideas, give there own interpretation and meaning not following a scholastic or historical knowledge. The way these charlatans can use mass psychology and brainwashing techniques to persuade people is mind numbing. The whole shouting “do you feel the anointing” in this place is an initiate group-think technic. I genuinely believe in the presence of G-d however these kind of abuses make Charismatics and Pentecostal Messianic’s look bad. This falls into what’s been called Charismania and Counterfeit Revivalism.

“The unidentified man who, (in the YouTube video to which I had access he is identified subsequently as Ralph Messer), represents himself as a Jew. He may well be some sort of Messianic Jew, a person who claims Jewish heritage and recognizes Jesus as the Son of God, but who is not part of one of the major Jewish movements: Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Reform, Renewal. He does not, however, represent recognizable Jewish thought or practice in his (mis-) representations of the Torah and other Jewish sancta — or for that matter, New Testament and Christian biblical interpretation and theology.” Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Biblical Hebrew and Jewish and Christian Scripture

I found out that Messer was once a member of the Ephraimite / Two House error movement, namely the Messianic Israel Alliance over 10 years ago which is a Hebrew Roots not a Messianic Jewish movement. For those who don’t know they claim to be lost Israelites who do not have a physical relation to Israel but are spiritual or mystical “Jews” if you will. He got kicked out this group for trying to take over, then he went rouge. This isn’t the first time he’s done this kind of activity, he even swindled Reggie White out of money for Hebrew lessons he never received. This kind of behavior reminds me of Prophetess Juanita Bynum’s misuses of the prayers shawls in her threshing floor where she stomps on praying tallit’s in a disrespectful manner to Jewish Tradition, Male Authority and sound biblical principles. Since all the mayhem Eddie Long issued an apology to the ADL.

“The ceremony was not my suggestion, nor was it my intent, to participate in any ritual that is offensive in any manner to the Jewish community,” Long wrote in a letter sent Saturday to Bill Nigut, Southeast Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League.” AJC

I do not believe this in anyway abdicates Bishop Long from his benign participation or allowance of this horrid event. He did seem surprised and a bit bewildered and didn’t say much. That is bad for a leader and is problematic yet common among some Charismatics. Maybe Eddie Long was ignorant of Messianic Judaism or Judaism in general however someone should have went over him about this before hand. As one reporter said with his background in theology Eddie Long would have known something was wrong. It is good that Eddie Long apologized. Now Messer’s apology really isn’t so much an apology as a I’ve done this before and no one went wild when I did.

“My message was about restoring a man and to encourage his walk in the Lord. The presentation of the Scroll of Torah was simply a way of bringing honor to a man who had given his life to the Lord and had given so much to his church, the Atlanta metro area and throughout the world. It was not to make Bishop Eddie L. Long a king.” Ralph Messer

How does violating a Torah, claiming its recovered from the Holocaust, relation Eddie Longs desire for young men, financial misdealing’s, and calling the cover a foreskin among other inappropriate things. I don’t get this so called apology. He has done this before and probably will do it again. According to the Reggie White and the King-Maker by Keith Johnson of Biblical Foundations Academy he’s been doing this for a while.

“Ralph Messer has been exploiting African Americans and making a mockery of the Hebrew roots of the faith for years.”

That is saying a lot wow Keith Johnson goes onto say this:

“I first encountered Messer eleven years ago when my friend the late Football Hall-of-Famer Reggie White paid him an inordinate amount of money to learn Hebrew under his tutelage as a “rabbi.” A year went by and Reggie never received even a single Hebrew lesson. I decided to confront Messer with Reggie and Pro-Bowler Hardy Nickerson as witnesses. In their presence “Rabbi Ralph” admitted he had never formally been ordained as a real rabbi.” by Keith Johnson of Biblical Foundations Academy

So apparently this guy doesn’t know barely any Hebrew and is not nor has ever been under the tutelage of a Jewish or Messianic Jewish Rabbi. As was reported in The Washington Post David P Gushee stated:

“The connection of the Torah scroll to the Holocaust and then to Eddie Long is incomprehensible to me,” David P. Gushee, a professor of Christian ethics at Mercer University

This sums it up for me. This was one of the most offensive things to me. How a so-called Torah from the Holocaust was used in such a nonchalant way smacks in the face of Holocaust survivors and the plight of the Jewish people.

“I then challenged Messer to read from my Hebrew Bible and he responded by making excuses for an hour about why it was “dangerous” to learn the language. I continued to insist he read from my Bible in Hebrew and with great effort Messer managed to slowly sound out the first verse of the Bible one syllable at a time. It was obvious to everyone present that Messer did not possess the knowledge to read the Hebrew language let alone to teach it.” by Keith Johnson of Biblical Foundations Academy

So its “dangerous” to learn Hebrew? The language of the bible. When it is said to “translate is to lie” one choose to hide the truth and teach people its dangerous to know the truth for themselves. This is like the dark ages of the Catholic Church hiding the true word in Latin while the people spoke French, Spanish, Italian, German and English among other languages.

“For the past ten years, I have seen Messer continue to throw around Hebrew terms he does not fully understand and misuse holy objects such as Torah Scrolls to manipulate people and bring them under his authority as a “rabbi” and a supposed “representative of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel.” As a United Methodist pastor who believes in the importance of the Hebrew roots of our faith I am deeply offended by what he did this past week at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.” by Keith Johnson of Biblical Foundations Academy

I feel the same way. This is absurd that we would have to defend ourselves against such a ludicrous and lewd disgracing of the Torah and Jewish traditions. As I stated to me this next statement during the event was the biggest infraction by Messer.

“”He’s a king. God has blessed him,” said Colorado Rabbi Ralph Messer before covering Long in a scroll “[that] may still have the dust of Auschwitz and Birkenau.” Messer referred to the Nazi extermination camps in Poland where millions of Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.” AJC

The fact that a Torah Scroll claimed to survive the Holocaust is rapped around a Goyim in a fake crowning ceremony makes the scroll un-kosher or unclean and should be burnt and buried according to tradition. This is the most gross, egregious and heinous of spiritual crimes. Its like urinating and defecating on a cross. It was appalling to watch. As a Messianic Gentiles it makes me feel apologetic if anyone connects this with Messianic Judaism. This is the worst thing you can do with a Torah scroll there is no tradition where this is acceptable.

“Unfortunately, several media outlets have identified the horrifying ceremony, which entailed a complete ignorance and repudiation of both Jewish and Christian tradition, with Messianic Judaism. Yet Messianic Jewish leaders are of one voice with the rest of the Jewish community in condemning this act.” D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

The truth couldn’t be further from the truth this is not Messianic Judaism. Messer himself admits he doesn’t practice nor never will practice Messianic Judaism. The Huffington Post article by Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D.Associate Professor of Biblical Hebrew and Jewish and Christian Scripture exposes 27 false claims presented in this charlatans pseudo-Judaism ceremony. Lets take a look. I’ve highlighted some text and added some noted text. Lets look at the egregious crimes against the Torah, Jewish and Messianic Jewish communities that this shyster committed.

  1. The claim that Holocaust Torahs cannot be insured “because there are no more” is patently false. They are regularly insured as are other one of a kind objects d’art, i.e. the works of Picasso.
  2. The Torah cover is not a “foreskin.” Hyper-masculine, hyper-sexualization of the Torah reduces the holy Torah to a problematic phallic symbol — God’s? or Long’s? — and categorizes the most destructive behaviors associated with New Birth ministries in recent years. Grammatically and symbolically, the Torah is feminine in Hebrew and is personified as “She,” as in “She is a Tree of Life,” in Prov. 3:18. [“This is also emblematic of Freemasonry and Cabala the sexualisation of holy objects” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  3. The Temple in Jerusalem was not a synagogue or Beth Midrash, where Torah scrolls were kept and studied. [“Another obvious thing one would know if they ever attended a Messianic Synagogue or Jewish Synagogue” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  4. The Torah wrapper is not referred to as a “belt of righteousness.”
  5. The tree in the vision in the book of Revelation whose “leaves are for the healing of the nations,” (22:2), is a fruit tree — not a Torah scroll — and the text does not say that there are “39 leaves” as claimed in the video.
  6. The claim that “only one of great authority” is given a “finger” to touch the scroll is patently false. Any bar or bat mitvah, girl or boy, woman or man, who has completed the rite of passage, can chant the Torah according to the (minhag) custom in their congregation. Torah scroll pointers, called “hands,” (yadayim), not “fingers” are common gifts and possessions in Jewish families and communities. [“He may have been referring to the tradition of using a pointer to help you locate the point you are reading as this writer calls it a Yadayim” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  7. The claim that 90 percent of the Jews in the world have “never seen, approached or touched” Torah scrolls is utterly without foundation. The Torah is taken out of the Ark during Shabbat and other services; it is processed through the assembly twice where people reverence it (Her!) by touching and kissing it/Her. [“As a gentile I have been to many Synagogues (Messianic and Jewish)where the Torah is walked through the Kehillah and everyone gathers to kiss the Torah and touch the Torah as it’s the Word becomes flesh and walks among the congregation. Every Jew and Gentile who attend a Synagogue have had the opportunity to touch a Torah and kiss their Tzitzit as they touch it with the fringes of their Tallit.” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  8. The frequent references to significant numbers may be an attempt to mimic the Jewish mystical tradition of Gematria that elicits meanings from numbers and their contexts. The speaker is devising his own system without reference to any of the classical texts in Judaism, frequently by simple free- and word-association. [“This is also a freemason, cabalistic or gnostic tradition” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  9. There is no verse in the scriptures where Jesus calls himself “the eternal government of God” as claimed by the speaker. [“Yeah, this is odd neither is the Torah referred to as such” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  10. The point that “these” — presumably Torah scrolls or just Holocaust Torah scrolls are only given to “cities in need of anointing” is false. Individuals, families and religious communities own and commission Torah scrolls and keep or give them as they see fit, to synagogues, Jewish seminaries and other schools and museums. [“This is the strangest idea I ever heard,” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  11. Even if the speaker identifies as a Jew and has Israeli citizenship, he does not speak for “the Jewish people,” “the land of Israel” or “the state of Israel.” [“Its obvious that he doesn’t know or respect the Jewish traditions and as such can’t be considered Jewish or Messianic Jewish maybe a Pseudo Hebraic-Charismatic” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  12. His address of Eddie Long as a biblical or Israelite king is without foundation in the scriptures or in reality.
  13. The notion that there is such a thing as a “king chromosome” is a fiction, as is the claim that it is kohenic, that is priestly; the Israelite and Judean monarchs — there were queens as well — were not priests.
  14. The man’s articulation of what “God wants,” is to say the least unsubstantiated outside that particular setting.
  15. The man never says how he knows that none of Long’s ancestors or relatives has ever seen a Torah scroll.
  16. While there are some traditional reflections on the human body — including DNA and chromosomes — in the mystical Kabbalistic tradition, the speaker is crafting a verbal montage without reference to the classical texts or their theologies. [“This is also a freemason, cabalistic or gnostic tradition, using sacred knowledge with hidden meanings only known by the author and used to appear to be wise and knowledge deceiving people to believe in the false ideologies presented.” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  17. He attributes a quote to “Jewish doctors” stereotyping an entire community as conflating cellular biology with his Hebrew mysticism without actually naming or quoting any single “Jewish doctor” who holds such an opinion.
  18. The “crowns” in Torah scrolls stem from a particular — now-normative — calligraphy style, but other types of calligraphy have been used through the ages to produce legitimate Torah scrolls.
  19. The claim that the kings of Israel were crowned with Torah scrolls wrapping them has no foundation in the biblical text. According to the bible’s own chronology the written Torah did not come into existence until the reign of King Josiah in the sixth century BCE (2 Kgs 22), some four hundred years after the time of David. However, the great second century rabbi Hanina ben Teradion, was however wrapped in a Torah scroll and burned alive in his martyrdom. Perhaps he has confused or conflated the traditions. [“This is interesting to note.” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  20. While the Torah poles are called, etzim, “trees,” they are not known as “justice and blessing.” [“This is also a freemason, cabalistic or gnostic tradition to refer to the Pillars of Boaz as Justice and Blessing, the pillars found in any Masonic Lodge entrance.” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  21. The speaker’s claim that his speaking “life” to Eddie Long as a Jew has some meaning, is utterly without meaning.
  22. The speaker’s prediction that the ritual — his antecedent is unclear — will arouse either “death” or “life” in someone — Long? Or the congregation? — is his own Gnosticism, knowledge that is not shared by those outside that particular setting. [“This is also a freemason, cabalistic or gnostic tradition apart of the Freemason initiation rite is a death and resurrection ceremony. This seemed to be more like a Masonic ritual than a Messianic or Jewish ritual.” – para-DOX parABLEs]
  23. There is no precedent for presenting anyone, even a fictitious Israelite-ish monarch with the Torah wrapper.
  24. The donning of the tallit, prayer shawl, is done by those who have completed their bar or bat mitzvah — whatever it was that just occurred, it had none of the requisite elements of a bat or bar mitzvah. In addition the tallit is donned by pulling it over one’s head and reciting the traditional prayer, which was not done. It is also not draped like a clergy stole.
  25. The elevation of Long lifted in the chair by four men seems to have been borrowed from Jewish wedding festivities and has noting to do with coronation; there is no evidence of this practice among Israelite or Judean monarchs.
  26. The Aaronic blessing (Num 6:24-26) is a blessing for the people and not a putative leader.
  27. It is unfortunate that the speaker chose to plunder the sacred traditions of Judaism as he invented novel interpretations of biblical texts and imagery affirm and elevate an individual who had admittedly broken the sacred trust between pastor and congregant.

This is seriously offensive and tragically as shame on the body of Messiah causing many to speak out and chime in. This is seriously mistaken Mess. Its very disturbing to see and hear about. I decided to chime in do research and speak out. I was appalled disgusted, mortified and horrified by this pseudo ritual.

“Fortunately, representatives of the Messianic Jewish world have universally condemned Messer’s actions. Ordained congregational leaders from both the UMJC and the IAMCS have worked hard to clarify that Ralph Messer is not really a Messianic Jewish Rabbi, but a charlatan, a showman, and a fraud.” – Messianic Leader in Dallas

This guy have been categorically rejected by all branches of Messianic Judaism and by all the leaders of the movement. He doesn’t represent Messianic Judaism and has been rejected by all major Messianic Jewish groups from the MJAA, UMJC, IAMCS, IAMJC, to a majority of Congregations from across the United States of America. He is not some sort of Messianic Jew. He did come from M.I.A. a Hebrew Roots-Two House bastion, however this is not consider a part of Messianic Judaism they are more Jews for Jesus “Christian Evangelist” who use deceptive tactics to try and reach and convert Jews pretending to be something they are not much in the same manner as Jews For Jesus.

“In no way represents any Jewish ritual that I’m familiar with. We do not proclaim individuals to be kings.” Bill Nigut, Southeast Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League

Judaism and Messianic Judaism does not look like what Messer did.

“There’s no Jewish coronation ceremony where someone is wrapped in a Torah and made a king, We just don’t do that. We treat it with deference, It’s not a shawl, not a crown. Don’t treat it that way.” Rabbi Hillel Norry of Congregation Shearith

This is something that is simply not done anywhere and where this charlatan thinks he can just make things up and claim to have nonexistent authority to do so is beyond me.

“Bible teacher, conference speaker, and Spirit-filled minister, … With an Apostolic and Evangelistic anointing, … has facilitated inter-faith discussions between denominations, cultures, and various groups, across the country, and internationally as a popular keynote conference speaker and minister. In addition, Rabbi Messer is a frequent host on cable/satellite networks such as Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), God’s Learning Channel (GLC), and Daystar Television Network. … – “Rabbi”, he was a Regional Vice President for a Fortune 500 company, specializing in Accounting, Business Administration, and Finance.” Simchat Torah Beit Midrash Website Biography of Ralph Messer

Claiming connection to Paula White, Kenneth Copeland and others Ralph Messer claims to be an Apostolic, Spirit-Filled minister and Evangelist who has spoken on TBN among other channels and comes from a finance background. He definitely fits with the TBN crowd not the Messianic crowd. Apparently he is still in the personal finance business, personally financing his false quasi-Messianic/Hebrew Roots ministry which in no way looks Hebraic or Messianic. Rabbi Joshua of the Yinon Blog says that he spoke with Rabbi Russ Resnik (UMJC Executive Director), Dr. Dan Juster (one of the founders of the UMJC, and its first President), as welll as Ari Hauben, with the MJAA that he was never ordained with any of those organizations. First Messer doesn’t wear a Kippa (Yarmulke) or Tallit) and doesn’t present himself in a way that’s consistent with Messianic Judaism or the Hebrew Roots movement. He in fact is a Spirit-Filled preacher who claims he’s messianic but acts more like Mike Murdock or Kenneth Copeland than any Messianic or Jewish Rabbi I’ve ever met.

“We are NOT Messianic and Never Will Be,” Ralph Messer.

At least we finally have clarification on that. He claimed to be in the original video. While the Florida Courier claims that during this last super bowl Sunday that Messer went to Paula Whites church to crown here as a king.

Messianic Jewish Leader Cry Out Against This Sham-Wow! Shyster

“Messer is not recognized by any major branch of Messianic Judaism and, under the standards of the UMJC and the MJAA, is not even considered part of our community, let alone a rabbi. He is operating entirely outside the mainstream Messianic Jewish community. Furthermore, his claim to be acting on behalf of the Jewish people is outrageous and without merit.” MJAA/UMJC

“Ralph Messer in no way represents Messianic Judaism, the Jewish people, or the state of Israel. In addition, he is not affiliated with any legitimate branch of Messianic Judaism. His actions in no way reflect the position of Messianic Judaism. I found his presentation with the Bishop to be repulsive and highly insensitive and inappropriate.” Rabbi Tzahi Shapira

“This is extremely disrespectful and in no way reflects the tenets or community of Messianic Judaism. To understate it, Mr. Messer is not in any way in the mainstream of the Messianic Jewish community worldwide.” Joel Chernoff, the General Secretary of the MJAA

“Ralph Messer in no way represents Messianic Judaism. He is not affiliated with any legitimate branch of Messianic Judaism. His actions in no way reflect the position of Messianic Judaism. I found the presentation to be repulsive and inappropriate.” Rabbi David Shiff of Congregation Beth Hallel, a Messianic Jewish synagogue

“Respect for the Torah is a central value within authentic Messianic Judaism. We assure the rest of the Jewish community that this ceremony would seem as bizarre and offensive within our congregations as it would within yours.” MJAA/UMJC

“Ralph Messer is not a rabbi affiliated with the UMJC, the MJAA, or the IMJA.” by Derek Lehman

There you have it, he is not Messianic Jewish and all Messianic Jewish entities want to distance themselves from him. Yet we do come across one issue I must deal with.

A Shameful Moment Taken To Attack The Hebrew Roots Movement From FFOZ

“So-called Messianic Judaism, a religious movement founded in the 1960s that wraps evangelical Christian theology in Jewish cultural trappings.” – Student Activism

This quote from the Student Activism site regarding Messianic Judaism is odd to me that people confuse biblical mandates with national identity. The Tanakh and the Oral Traditions have been under the guardianship of the Jewish people and as such we should freely go to them for right understand of the content and context. However and mandate from Adonai to all people of all times who would call on His name is a mandate that is irrevocable. We all become One New Man in Messiah, joint heirs, grafted in, raised wild branches, trained in Messiah to be set-apart and join the Jewish people, as we seek to establish Adonai’s will on earth. So are the biblical mandates simply Jewish Cultural Trappings? As we will see some among the Jewish Messianic Judaism movement feel the same about Gentiles in the movement and its shameful. Messianic Judaism is not a form of Evangelicalism for the purpose of Evangelism or Protestant outreach. Some are seeking to maintain an authentic Jewish-Hebraic Roots-Foundation that is true to its Jewishness in the light of Yeshua. As contradictory as that may seem that is what the early Church was.

“Though the broader Hebrew Roots movement contains much that is good and laudable, it also has a sickness that is threatening to destroy it. It is the fact that many non-Jewish believers in Yeshua have chosen to usurp Jewish identity and claim to be Jews, Israelites, or even Rabbis. They have no relationship with the Jewish community and no respect for Jewish tradition, yet because of their claim to be “Messianic Jews,” they are often conflated with legitimate Messianic Jewish organizations.” By D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

So who is FFOZ making shots at and why? Okay, what Ralph Messer did is really really wrong but this doesn’t make it okay to advocate Jewish, Messianic Jewish Supersessionism. So what do you call a Gentile who has giving up his gentile-goyim ways has converted to Judaism or Messianic Judaism, practices Jewish Halacha, Holidsays, Kosher, is accountable to a Jewish body and connected to the Jewish people? I understand why a Jewish publication would make shots at Messianic Judaism. I don’t know why a Messianic Jewish publishing house would verbally abuse Gentile Messianics who support their books and ministry?

“The Torah is not a prop, like a banner in a charismatic worship service, and Judaism is not a toy box for Christians to rifle through.” By D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

Yes the Torah shouldn’t be a prop in a charismatic worship service and isn’t a toy. It should be held in honor. I don’t know how general attacks on Gentiles or Pentecostals who have joined the Messianic movement helps us become one new man. Actually this is pretty shameful to take this opportunity to attack Messianic Gentiles. We are called in scripture to give up our gentile-worldly ways to be circumcised and to join ourselves to the House of Israel through Yeshua into the tribe of Judah as joint heir and receivers of the promises to the Seed of Avraham. We are One New Man, not two different house, one lawful and the other lawless.

“Non-Jewish believers in Yeshua have chosen to Usurp Jewish identity and claim to be Jews, Israelites or even Rabbis,” By D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

Yes Ralph Messer did Usurp Jewish Identity. He claims to have dual citizenship in Israel and America and that he and his wife has Jewish parents. Regardless its obvious he has no grasp of Jewish tradition or the Hebrew roots of Christianity. So how does that equate to an attack that basically no Gentile (non-Jewish believers in general) can convert to Judaism or Messianic Judaism and become a Rabbi? I get frustrated when the biblical traditions are equated to “Jewish Cultural Trappings” the biblical commandments are not divine options and not just obligated to the Nation of Israel but too anyone who wished to join themselves to the Nation of Israel and the House of Avraham as Ruth did with Naomi saying, “Let your people be my people.” There are proselytes and converts to Judaism, before Yeshua and after. The Netzorm where a Jewish and Gentile body of believers in Messiah who observed the Feasts and Shabbat in the first centuries of Christianity. Yeshua said “if you love me obey my commands” and “go learn what this means I desire obedience not sacrifice.” The Ten Commandments are universal and keeping the Sabbath is one of the them. As can be seen in another article I posted recently the Catholic Church admits there is no scripture authority to change the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and many Denominations admit there is no scriptural command to abandon the Sabbath. However, despite our call to become One New Man in Messiah I have heard Jewish Messianics advocate Two Houses (One Christian, One Messianic Jewish, both separate not One New Man, but two different men) one of right-just observance of the commandments and festivals of G-d and the other that’s lawless and advocates the Doctrine of Balaam (sloppy grace as a license to sin). It is messed up that anyone would use one mans mistake to take broad swipes at Messianic Gentiles.

“They have no relationship with the Jewish community and no respect for Jewish tradition, yet because of their claims to be ‘Messianic Jews,’ they are often conflated with legitimate Messianic Jewish Organizations,” By D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

“They” how did this become about they. Lets deal with Ralph Messer and not make broad swipes at a group of people seeking to learn Torah, seek to fulfill the Commands of Adonai and appropriate the D’var Adonai in their life. Lets focus on Messer because FFOZ your making a mess.

“These non-Jewish believers have a wonderful, prophetic significance in God’s plan to redeem the world. Yet, instead of embracing their identity as members of the nations who have a share in Messiah and in the World to Come, they have chosen to abandon this calling and pretend to be something they are not.” D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

Wow, so being called out of the nations-goyim to become One New Man in Messiah is a bad thing? I missed how seeking to become a Messianic Gentile who observes the Sabbath and Festivals, among seeking to appropriate the appropriate Commands in the Tanakh that apply in the context of Yeshua redeeming work towards Jew and Gentile, who are One not Two in Messiah.

“What Messer did is not something new. “Spirit-filled” Hebrew Roots Christians and Psuedo-Messianics have been glomming on to Jewish symbols, using them out of context, and calling it Messianic Judaism for a long time now. The Ralph Messer video is an embarrassment to us all, but it should also be a wake up call to everyone in the Hebrew Roots movement and Messianic Judaism.” D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

Please site examples since you want to take a broad swipe at Gentiles in the Messianic movement. I for one and offended that D Lancaster would take this shameful incident to make swipes and Messianic Gentiles in general. Shame on him and FFOZ for publishing that tyrants tirade.

“An article at AJC.com (the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website), quotes David P. Gushee, a professor of Christian ethics at Mercer University: “One problem with Messianic Judaism, in which leaders attempt to fuse Jewish and Christian traditions and symbols, is that it can easily stray into profound insensitivity.” While Professor Gushee’s characterization of our “attempt to fuse Jewish and Christian traditions and symbols” is simplistic, his description of the “one problem” is accurate. Responsible leaders within the Messianic Jewish community share his concern that our traditions be handled with sensitivity and deep respect. By his actions at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Messer demonstrates why he is unworthy to be part of our community and cannot claim to represent us in any way.” MJAA/UMJC

As the MJAA and UMJC note that what “one problem” with Messer is correct its not fair to make broad swipes at Messianic Judaism as a whole or Messianic Gentiles as a whole. FFOZ has made some stances that have lost some supporters and contributors. This is one that has caused me to not feel so comfortable with them.

“When we dismiss Jewish tradition, deride Jewish practice as “manmade traditions” and apply pejoratives like “rabbinics” – when we disparage “the Talmud” and Judaism in general, yet feel entitled to appropriate whatever we like from the Torah and historical Jewish practice and symbolism, we are creating a fertile environment for misappropriation, spiritual mayhem, and sacrilege.” D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

Wow, I’m still trying to figure out who the we are. I guess its us Messianic Gentiles who come from a Charismatic background. I was saved in the Assemblies of God and became involved in the Messianic Movement through Ed Chumney Festivals of the Messiah and Baruch HaShem Messianic Congregation. I do not appreciate his mischaracterizations and generalizations.

“The Jewish world looks at this type of thing as one more reason to stay far away from Yeshua. These type of misappropriations of Jewish symbolism and Jewish identity are not “making the Jews jealous,” they are making the Jews sick. Me too.” D. Thomas Lancaster / First Fruits of Zion / Messiah Journal / the Torah Club.

The Jewish and Messianic Jewish people, Jew and Gentile, see this as an egregious act transgressing against the traditions of the elders and making the holy common, which is a sin. I see that Bishop Eddie Long has asked for forgiveness, however Messer only seems to apologize for people being offended not for being wrong and corrected for it. There has been an outcry and Messer seems happier than ever to continue to invent and abolish sacred traditions in the name of Apostolic Evangelicalism that promotes a pseudo-Hebraic ideal that is false and distorted at best, mostly lies and fabrications. It’s a sham.

Summary Of Wrongs On Longs Gong Show By Messy Messer:

  • Reverend Long is under investigation for financial impropriety and was accused of sexual acts with boys in his church of which he settled out of court, (which is usually a sign of guilt especially when a muzzle order if given to those who are paid off). Unless that was a ritual induction into a Masonic fraternal-brotherhood using the symbols that are related to phallic symbols and other hermetic cabala, it doesn’t make sense unless in the light of the previously mention Cabala.
  • Referring to the Torah covering as a ‘foreskin,’ the Torah Tree’s as the Pillars of Boaz (found in all Masonic lodges), using Gematria (sacred math) and using Gnostic word association are Cabalist or Freemason principles. There are more chances this guy is a Illuminati than a Messianic, he is more likely Masonic than Messianic. Someone may have got the two words confused.
  • It’s an abuse of the Torah scroll to wrap it around a person and would deem that Torah as unclean no longer good for use and should be burned and buried in a ritual ceremony.
  • A women sings the Aaronic Benediction (normally this is done by a male over the congregation), she also brings a Tallit which she allows to drag on the ground which makes it unclean.
  • The Torah isn’t a gimmick or a prop to be used of violated and has no special anointing for cities or in the “government of G-d.”
  • Claiming to be Jewish, to practice Judaism and getting rejected for not practicing any form of Judaism from Messianic to Rabbinic by everyone possible leaves you as a charlatan and a fake.
  • When this guy is not ordained and without formal training, and who was kicked out of a Hebrew Roots, Messianic Israel Alliance, a Jews for Jesus type outreach movement, over ten years ago and still claims to be something he is not.
  • Make false claims that you speak for Jews and Israel and yet categorically everything you say about them is wrong, makes you a liar and a false prophet, which in biblical times would have lead to stoning.
  • Using crowd control and brainwashing technics to manipulate a crowd and use verbal queue’s to put them under the sway of hypnotic music and lights, all of which can be seen and heard in the original video.

Here’s a song that relates titled “Eddie Long,” let this be our anthem for now.

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