Album Review: Creature Clan “New Beginnings”

What do you get when you take the word “creature” (take a look at 2 corinthians 5:17- “ Therefore if any man (be) in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are  passed away; behold, all things  are become new. “) and you take the word “clan” (a group united by a common interest or common characteristics) and combine them with two of the most “fierce flows” rappers in the game (D-Maub and Eric Cross) ? You get Creature Clan.  Let’s see how the “new beginnings” of this group works out.

LOOK OUT-FAVORITE BAR:”YOU EITHER STEPPING WITH US OR BETTER STEP ASIDE” “HE’S THE HEAD AND TAIL, WE DON’T FLIP A COIN” This is a great track to start the album off with. The production is great. The toms and drums are so rhythmic and the hook hypes you up like a pre game show. The bar has been set for the album. This is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

PROBLEM CHILD-FAVORITE BAR:”WHEN IT COMES TO STRENGTH, IT’S MY FAITH THAT I EXERCISE” The production of this track is hot! Lyrically, this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. I wasn’t too familiar with Eric Cross before this project and I’m glad I got to see his style mixed with D-Maub.

KNOW PAIN, KNOW GAIN (FEATURING T-HADDY)-FAVORITE BAR:”YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! THAT’S ALL THAT’S GOING THROUGH MY MIND” This is one of my favorite tracks off of the album. It really motivates you to be better at everything that you do in life. T-haddy does a great job on the hook. This is not only single and video worthy, this has commercial/mainstream appeal all over it. This is a REPEAT OFFENDER!

THE LIGHT (FEATURING  CALANDRA WILLIAMS)-FAVORITE BAR:”WE PLAY THE BACKGROUND, HE GETS THE LIMELIGHT” This track and production has a “pop” feel, but it works for it. Calandra Williams sounds angelic as this track really keeps your head rocking. I love all of the “light” references that Creature Clan use. I could truly see this being a fan favorite as a performance track. The only thing that I dislike about the track, is that as soon as I really get into it…it goes off.

Overall, this was a great project. D-Maub and Eric Cross have great chemistry together. They “alley-oop” to each other through out the whole album. The production is great as well. They picked excellent features throughout the album. they truly show that both artist are together as a team and not trying to outshine each other. This is a great album to show people that christian artist can be lyrical and “spit”. As far as the Creature Clan goes, this is a beautiful “new begining” of something great. Spread The Soup!


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