The Promise Of Avraham: The Central Covenant In Scripture & The Foundation Of Priestly Order Of Melkitzedek


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Avram was a Nomadic herdsman from Ur in Chaldea which was apart of Sumer or what we know is scripture as Shinar. The Sumerians made cities with walls; they had schools, a formal priesthood, kings and many things that are common place to us. Ur was a Sumerian town. Avraham moved up and down the river, trading textiles and grain north, and copper and tin south. Avram would travel the trade route between the Hittites and the Ammorites, he was an Ammorite. He had a group of about 315 men. When you traveled along the trade routes you didn’t want to be alone because you could get robbed and killed. To prevent this they would have someone stay up at night and keep the fire burning. During the day someone would keep a pot of hot coals smoldering and releasing smoke because it wasn’t so easy to start fires back in the Ancient near East.

The concept of the Contract came about between the Herdsman and Businessmen. The Businessmen would write in a wedge (cunis) form called cuneiform, they would do this by taking a triangular impression. They would write on clay tablets while they were still wet. When they signed a contract they would add their seal in which they also had a symbol of their deity on it, and the believed if you broke the contract that the deity would come harass you. This was their attempt to implement the rule of law to prevent dishonesty. Avram was very familiar with this practice so Adonai spoke to Him through making Contract or Covenants with him. Many times they would know the Caravan leader by the multi-colored coat they wore. This is most likely the same type of coat that Yakov (Israel) gave Yosef and it upset his older brother who felt there were entitled to lead the Israelites better than Yosef. Yet it was for such a time that Yosef would saveIsraeland al ofEgypt. Once the Contract was fulfilled they would have two or three witnesses stand there as they broke the seal and they believed they person fulfilled the contract and the spirit god they believed in was released from the contact. As in Revelation we seal the seals are broken to the Covenant. There is one over arching Covenant with many different expression, Adonai expressed the Covenant to each of the Patriarchs anew individually.

The Businessmen usually had a writing desk and an archive room to keep the contracts. They would make two copies one that went with the Caravan leader and one that stayed with the Businessmen. They would put the Contracts in an Envelope that was also made of clay. The language they used was Akkadian. The Contract is sealed with a Calendar that has the Businessmen’s seal that is hung around his neck by a string and he takes it off and roles the official seal on the wet clay contract to seal it along with the impression of his patron deity. The seals are broken in the presence of many witnesses in Revelation because the Covenant is fulfilled.  The Covenant is a complete from Genesis to Revelation, the bible is incomplete, the Covenant is incomplete without the Brit Chadasha. When Moshe came down the mountain and saw the Israelites had broken the Ten Commandments in his hands he didn’t break them out of anger. He broke them to break the contract so that Elohim wouldn’t kill them because the covenant was a blood covenant.

Avram is blessed and greeted by Melki’tzedek, the King of Righteous, the King of Salem, which later because New Salem or Jeru-salem, which once again in the future with became New New Salem or New Jeru-salem. Melki’tzedek offers Avram Wine and Bread, and Avram gives him a tithe of ALL. Giving a tithe is saying that you believe that El Elyon will continue to provide. El Elyon is the one who helped Avram deliverLot from the hands of captivity. Yeshua in like manner purchased our salvation for us, having neither father nor mother, He came as a priest and King to save His people and to provide for us. He provided propitiation for sin and salvation through the blood covenant.

Now how a king makes a Covenant is different than how a Businessman and a Caravaner make a Covenant or Contract. One a King promises to provide and protect you, whereas the contract between to people has to do with the exchange of goods and service. A King is there to serve and protect the people, many kings get it turned around and in the end their empires fall. In Bedouin society it is often common to be invited into have something to eat and drink and while you are in their tent they will protect you. If they ask you to sit in their seat of honor then they are making a commitment to protect you for the rest of your life.

The Covenant that Adonai makes with Avraham is one where Adonai makes a substitution for Avraham. It is a blood covenant and there is a sacrifice, however it is Adonai who makes the Covenant with Avraham not Avraham with Adonai. Adonai puts Avram in a deep sleep and causes a smoking pot by day and a burning torch to go through the middle of the sacrificed animals. In the wilderness there was a pillar of fire by night and clouds by day.  He did this to make and seal the Covenant with Avraham as well as protect him form marauders who may have come upon him while he was in a deep sleep.

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