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Its a party in a box that comes with a Driedel Game, Hanukkah Bingo Game, Cut-and-Color Banner and Coloring Pages. If your looking to have a fun time with your family or Shul this is awesome. You can create a banner for your party and teach the story of Hanukkah using the Bingo games with the Symbols and Explanation.

The 8 Driedel’s have the Hebrew words that each Vowel stands for from Nun, to Gimel, to Hey, to Sham. You learn that Nun stands for “Nes,” Gimel stands for “Gadol,” Hey stands for “Haya,” and Shem stands for “Sham” which is the phrase Nes Gadol Haya Sham which translates “A great miracle happened there.” Along with gambling with the Dreidel and accumulating or loosing lots of “gelt.” You don’t have to be guilty when you can learn about Hannukah while having fun, eating candy and greasy goodies.

Even the symbols of the Bingo boards teach the story of Hanukkah covering the topics of foods Gelt, Doughnut, Latkes, and Cookies in detail, then we get into the depths of Hanukkah with the festivities details discussing the Menorah, Star of David, Eternal Light, Presents, Temple, Jug of Oil, Candle, Lighting the Menorah, Olives and Jerusalem. Its a fun learning experience for all involved.

Jewish Holidays In A Box does a good job of providing some simple fun and easy ways for you to enjoy and engage in the holiday fun, cheer and learning and at decent price.

The “Hannukah Games Box” Includes:

  • A complete set of Instructions
  • Boards for 4 Players
  • Playing Cards

Dreidel Game Includes:

  • A complete set of Instructions
  • 8 Driedels

Menorah Cut-and-Color Activity Includes:

  • “Happy Hannukah” Party Banner
  • Coloring Pages

Find out more and get yours own here: http://jewishholidaysinabox.com/jewish-holiday-traditions/how-to-celebrate-hanukkah/

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