American Chopper Live: The Revenge Bikes Revealed | Update Winners Announced: Junior Retains The Title Once Again


The American Chopper Dynasty has come to the end of its ten year run. As a final hoorah they are doing one last build off with Sr Vs. Jr, Vs. Jesse James, Vs. Gas Monkey Garage. So after a 10 year run finally the OCC VS PJD thing is coming to an end. To go out with a bang they are going to have another Chopper build off. I am honestly not impressed with Jesse James at all. Gas Monkey Garage does a fun job of restoring vehicles and flipping them. So honestly I wasn’t expecting much other than a promo for the shows that will be replacing American Chopper. I was not super excited. Fast N’ Loud is fun but I’m not a fan of refurbishing a bike and calling it a build of bike. Lets look at the bikes and see what they have going on.


Last years winners was PJD aka Team JR. Last year there bike was they built was loud, smokey, riveted out and looked a bit like an airplane. This years bike looks like a solid bike, that can drive and has a pretty cool theme. Yes, its got a theme, but it’s the only real Chopper made by real fabricators. This bike is a cool throw back and a theme bike. It’s a bike that looks mean. It’s a funny punch at the car makers, Jesse James and Fast N Lound, & the “what the heck” maker Senior. I’m sure this Chopper-Theme Bike could make the trip to Vegas, unlike perse the bike last year. There is a larger gas tank on this one. Here is a look at Juniors bike.

The final show is in. Junior is once again the winner. Of the four participants he’s one of the two who actually created a Chopper, on the Chopper Live build off, two made Crotch Rockets / Sports Bikes which is either a sign of acknowledged defeat or lunacy. Also there was alleged beef-bad blood between Jesse James and the Fast N’ Loud crew. Jesse James in a staged move switched hotels over alleged beef with the FNL Crew. The FNL Crew claims its related to an attempt to get ratings. It seems like Jesse James diva-esque behavior continues. The only other contender was FNL and they got second place. Jesse James and SR came in 3 and 4. JJ had a lazy attitude. He’s full of hot air. SR did a different bike however like JR said it seemed to be a bit of a bite off of his previous win. Junior showed he can fabricate a bike without needed extra time like JJ and SR. He also can fabricate the bike unlike FNL who take bikes and refurbish them. FNL had a cute pink bike that didn’t deserve to win however since it was the only other Chopper it deserved second place and that is what it got. 


So last year Senior made a super power mad maxx flame throwing snow mobile. This year they were talking about making a Chopper. What did they make a Crotch Rocket-Sports Bike? I thought this was a Chopper biker build off? I’m lost. This is a American made Crotch Rocket. The handle bar is over the wheel. The seat isn’t low, its not a chopper or a bobber. It’s a Crotch Rocket. It should be disqualified. Its not a Chopper. I’m sure it can make the trip but its not a Chopper. It looks like a cool Sports Bike.


So last year Jesse James built a basic Chopper, it was a ride-able Chopper but it was really basic nothing special. So what is this thing? Its not a Chopper it’s another Crotch Rocket-Sports Bike. He waited 15 years to build a crotch rocket? Okay Sr and Jesse James should get eliminated for making non-Choppers. Why did they both choose to make Bikes not Choppers? They must no there really hold no candle to PJD’s flame. There just not as good when it comes to design and fabrication. I think making a Crotch Rocket is a sign of defeat. You knew you can’t win so go somewhere else. Its what Senior did last season again. Um, and so Jesse does like everyone else has his parts ordered from elsewhere, and puts candy coated cover on the bikes. He’s the worlds worst smack talker. Also, he’s a major diva causing fictional drama to drive ratings.


I’m new to the Fast N’ Loud crowd. I living in Dallas for a while and I think there show is interesting. They find rusty gold and refurbish it. Its like American Pickers meets Vehicle Fabrication with a little Auction House fun thrown in. According to my wife Fast N’ Loud has a “cute bike” and yes they can drive to Vegas but it’s a chic’s bike. I know spazmattaz is their thing but come on when my wife whose not a biker, not into hip hop, is pretty square when it comes to growing up in the mid-west from the middle of nowhere, if she’s for it its probably, not a biker’s bike. This thing is “cute as can be” as my wife says, its perfect for a 70’s hairspray movie, she wants “that bike.” This is not a winner. Um, so they found a bike and refurbished a cute little bike. They didn’t fabricate the bike from scratch, the refurbished a bike. I’m not sure what the terms of the build off is but I thought the build was whose the better fabricator not whose the best at refurbishing a bike. This thing is cute. It’s a cute pink bicycle with an engine.

After 10 years the final episode next Monday at 9 pm. I hope that after this PJD gets his own show without his pops. Because if we’re left with only Jesse Flame out and the Fast N’ Loud crowd I’m going to get bored real quick.

So how do you vote?

  1. Team JR
  2. Team SR
  3. Team Jesse
  4. Team Fast N’ Loud


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