Please Consider Helping Raise Money To Create The Complete Messianic Siddur iTunes App

20121214145443-unnamedRight now I have an Android app, Etz Chaim – The Complete Messianic Siddur, that gets over 1,800 uses, and over 987 regular uses. I want to bring it to Apple, iTunes, iPad and iPhone users so they too can enjoy it. I am workin on creating a full Prayer Siddurim covering all the weekly, shabbat and festival prayers, from Ma’ariv, to Shacharit, to Mincha, to Mussaf, to Shabbat, to Moedim, etcetera… I am trying to offer a complete liturgical resource for Messianic Jews that is free for usage on Android and iPhone devices. I know there are many who desire and are seeking solid Messianic and Jewish resources that can help them further in the Liturgical  and prayer lives as well as living and Authentic Jewish and Messianic life. This is going to be available on the new BlackBerry 10 along with para-DOX parABLEs, Triple H Mixtapes, and The 3p podCAST.

Here is what is available right now as a part of the siddurim.

Etz Chaim – The Complete Messianic Jewish Prayer Siddur features: 

■ The Messianic Mishpacha Siddur for Erev Kabbalat Shabbat * UPDATED
■ A Modern Messianic Shabbat Siddur For Torah Service * UPDATED
■ Havdalah! Motzei Shabbat Blessing * UPDATED
■ A Messianic Rosh Chodesh Liturgy
■ Children’s Shabbat Torah Service Siddur * NEW
■ The Bedtime Sh’ma * NEW
■ The Children’s Bedtime Sh’ma * NEW
■ Children’s Wake Up Rituals & Morning Prayers * NEW
■ Dai Shachrit] Morning Prayers * UPDATED
■ Essential Afternoon Mincha Prayers
■ The Ten Basic Blessings For Candle Lighting On The Moedim
■ Bracha Before Eating Foods & Grace After Meals
■ A Messianic T’villa/Mikveh Ceremony * NEW
Haggadah shel Pesach | A Messianic ~ Season of our Freedom ~ Seder
■ A Prayer For Tashlich * NEW
■ The Kol Nidrei Prayer * NEW

I will provide everyone who helps me get this into the iTunes store with a .pdf version of the full Etz Chaim Siddur as it is now. It is a work in progress. The funding that goes towards helping this become a blessing to others and helps reach as many as possible. People are searching for resources and they are hard to find. I want to offer free resources that are easily available. In the future I plan to have an inprint version people can use for Minyan, Synagogue, Shul, Congregation and Shabbat Fellowship meetings.

You help will help make this available to all iPhone and iPad users, which is a broader audience than the Android market. If you are an iPhone and iPad user and you were looking for a resource like this please pitch and help make thise available to as many as possible.

The Need!

We need a $100 dollars to pay for the fee’s to create an Apple Developer Account, along with finances to cover the time to develop the apps, and work on creating more material to complete the siddur along with working towards the goal of creating physical copies of the siddur and the translations, transliteration and transcribing of the many prayers. All proceeds go to the development and maintainance of the free Apple and Android Apps.

Financially right now there have been many pressures and I have not been able to personally raise the funds to start the Apple Developer process but I desire to make it available and as soon as I have the funds I will make it available. Please pray, please contribute, please check out the work I have done.

We are offering Printable PDF Siddurim for Shabbat, Daily Prayers and Bed Time Prayers that can be used for personal or congregational use as a perk to those who donate at the different levels.

Remember this is an ongoing project to provide resources to Messianic believers who want to have a Jewish liturgical service that also exemplifies our faith in Yeshua, as well as Prayers services that reflect our Jewish and Messianic faith.

Any contributions made, whether in finances, prayer or help in transcribing, translating and producing the content is valued.

This is a resources I want to make freely available through web enabled device while working to create a physical siddurim that can be used congregationally and personally around the world by Messianic believers who want a more Judeo-centric life.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can share this campaign with others, you can pray, you can help us transcribe, translate and transliterate much of the prayers. These are ways you can support if you don’t have the finances. Blog about the need, tweet about it, share it on facebook. If you have a Android download the App and give feedback.

Here is the link to the Android version of the App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=c…

You can use the Indiegogo share tools as well!

Remember this is a cause worth investing in. Enjoy the resources available on Android, contribue and recieve PDF versions of the material, pray for us, share the news and help us raise funds to bring this to the world of Apple Products.


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