Catholic Prayers, Origins, Judaism, Messianic Prayers, Originality, And Redactionism


Question: “The following prayer: Our Father who is in Heaven,sacred is your name, may your Kingdom come, your will be accomplished etc etc we use this prayer in the Catholic Church, is this prayer also being used in Synagogues, otherwise where would be the origin of this prayer?”

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Its used in Messianic (Christian) Jewish Synagogues by Christians it comes from our Rabbi Yeshua’s teachings based in the Amidah, most of which can be found in the Jewish prayer called the Amidah and portions also seem to come from the Kaddish prayer. Some of the Anglican and Catholic prayer services come from Judaism, but HIGHLY redacted.

Canting the Torah in Hebrew is the foundation for scripture being Canted in Latin in the Catholic Church, thought the original and correct way is in Hebrew for the Roman world they decided to depart from the language of Origin and to do it in the lingua franca of the time which was Latin, which the Catholic mass has held as tradition to this day and didn’t update their liturgical services from Latin to the langua franca. There are great differences between Catholicism and Judaism.

In the ancient works of the Didache we find the Thanksgiving prayer for Shabbat the drinking of wine and bread and Grace after Meals, which is a Jewish prayer and practice done on the Eve of Shabbat with is Friday Night. Also, the Teachings of the Apostle, which is a summarized work of the gospel message in a succinct format refers to prayers such as the Amidah, the Kaddish prayer, and others used in Judaism as being used by early belivers. The early Messianic Community continued to meet in Synagogues with the Jewish believers and participate in the Shacharit (Morning), Mincha (Afternoon), Ma’ariv (Evening) and Musaf (Additional) prayers until the mid 2nd Century to mid 3rd Century. Albeit the prayers they prayed were ancient forms of the ones we know have retained in Judaism. There is indication that some of the prayers in the traditional prayer service such as Ahavah Rabba were written by the Apostle Peter, who the ancient Rabbi’s call Tzedek Shual, or Paul the RightJust.

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