#NMX Expo Day One Recap & Session PowerPoint


256Day one of the New Media Expo was fun enjoyed some good classes. I personally enjoyed the keys to 1,000,000 unique visitors to be the stand out. The opening Keynotes were inspirational. I passed out due to tiredness from low sleep and missed the speed dating networking events. I got an email invite to try out some new Blackberry product that I’m excited about. Day one felt like day two since I drove in Saturday and there was a Speakers party. It was cool connecting with the Session planner Shane and a few others, I forget the guys name from Canada but we had an interesting geo-political discussion. So far its been fun as usual. Its ben cool having other brothers of likeminded faith around. Our speaking session went well, we got good feedback, the room was packed and we didn’t have a mass exodus even though I spoke for 30 minutes not 15 due to a confusion on my part. I though the clock said 2 when I started because the lady who introduced us and what not but I guess I took more time. Since I was the guy dropping the teaching and the other guys had the cool stories. I decided to teach and allow the others guys the more personal aspects so I hope that was beneficial. I had some personal anecdote’s and humor.

Check out Sintax blog post on the event titled “The Hangover”.

Here are some pictures from the event and our session (more to come).


“All I need is one mic” – Nas


I got to contribute to the NMX Ratpack Ebook.


The Triple J team in full effect (Jason, Jeramiah, Joe)


Here is the slide show presentation. I will be posted up a video once its available of the Session.

NMX 2013 Presentation for Session hree Very Unique Ways To Build Community By Just para-DOX, Sketch The Journalist, & Sintax The Terrific

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