A Glimpse At The Pilot Episode of Jewish Gilt [A New Show On The Jewish Channel]


Jewish Gilt with Jonathan GreensteinI recently watched the pilot episode of the new TV Show coming to The Jewish Channel titled “Jewish Gilt” labeled as “Pawn Stars combined with a Jewish Indiana Jones” starring Jonathan Greenstein. While it may not be exciting as Indiana Jones as it’s missing the adventure, action and cinematic appeal however the show is full of interest with all the intrigue of a show like American Pickers and the history and story telling of similar Discovery Channel shows.

Wooden Jewelry BoxI thoroughly enjoyed the Pilot episode which featured such intriguing Judaica items as a hand-chased Seder plate, a hand-made smuggled jewelry box made by the Bezalel School that comes from the founding of the Jewish state, a custom-made locket from a survivor of the 1967 war, trench art, a silver Kiddush cup that was made especially in the shape of an eagle out of coconut and hand-chased silver made for the famous 18th century cabalistic Rabbi Natan Adler (who was known as The Eagle), a set of 180 year old Machzorim, an open house auction appraisal process and a glimpse into one of the most unusual collections of Chevra Kadisha Jewish Burial memorabilia, along with a very “Snoop Dogg pimpy” Havdalah spice-box. What I enjoyed more than the Judaica was the unique stories that each collector had in relation to their collection. The stories behind the collectables are what make the show a clincher.

Judaica AuctionFor anyone into Jewish History, Collectors of Judaica or anyone who enjoy shows like “American Pickers,” “Pawn Stars,” and other similar shows about exploring and discovering ancient Historical items. At times it felt like a commercial for J. Greenstein & Co Judaica Shop, however the historical and biographical information make the show a compelling piece of Americana, and Judaica history. I relish the stories behind antiques, art and Jewish ritual objects. Learning about Jewish History and tradition among the treasure is the most enjoyable aspect of the experience.

Eagle CupWith a title that plays on the words Gelt (money) and Guilt this is full of good Jewish stories. One consistent truth is that Archaeology and Anthropology are not exciting like a Stephen Spielberg movie with its famed character Dr. Jones played by Harrison Ford it is an enjoyable experience of learning and discovery nonetheless. Like find that “rusty gold” hidden in people’s back yards, discovering the intriguing history of “extraordinary items” found in “the homes of ordinary people.” Whether your into Antiques, Collectables, Judaica, or the exploration and discovery of history through compelling story telling this show is for you. One mans recyclable’s may well be another man’s collectible’s or as they say “another mans trash is another mans treasure.” While you will not find any trash in these stories you will find many treasure and fond personal histories.

Burial Society ImageThis enjoyable and informative program takes you into the homes of New York Judaica collectors. As J Greenstein states, “The show has been a wonderful experience that teaches us the value, both emotionally and monetary, of your family’s history.” There is more to finding “rusty gold” or not so rusty Jewish collectibles in “ordinary homes” than just an item to sell for money. Some items though valuable in a monetary sense are too dear to the hearts of the collectors that no sort of compensation can replace the historical and personal value of the items. I love history and personal stories so this is a very addictive show for me personally. Now I wish I had a Cable tier with The Jewish Channel available.

Here is a Promo for the pilot episode courtesy of The Jewish Channel and YouTube.

Check your cable provider for TJC for times and their On-Demand content for “Jewish Gilt.” Who knew Finding, buying and selling Judaica Treasure’s of Jewish Heritage and Art could be so entertaining.

This episode aired: January 14th, 2013 on channels: The Jewish Channel (TJC) is available on cable – channel 528 on Time Warner, channel 291 on iO Optimum, channel 268 on RCN, channel 900 on Verizon FiOS, channel 1 on Cox, channel 330 on Brighthouse, and on Comcast in the On-Demand menu under “Premium Channels.”


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