Back To BlackBerry New OS 10, New App’s & Alicia Keys **Official #BB10 Release Info**

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha (Photo credit: closari)

Don’t call it a comeback RIM-BlackBerry has been here for years, its been in the communication business since it started making pagers and it set the pace for the smart-phone market before iPhone and Android made giant ripples. Is this the revival, resurrection and return of BlackBerry or not? I’m certain it will unseat Windows for the #3 spot, what is to be seen is if BB can make an impact in the Android and iOs markets. Will it be able to take the #2 spot? RIM is no longer a separate company they are now one company with One Brand, One Promise as BlackBerry. BlackBerry hasn’t been known as a gaming system it is now with the release of OS 10.

Today BlackBerry released info on their new User Interface that is based around key components such as the Peek function, the Flow of the device, Balancing work versus personal through the all-in-one Hub for secure email messages, social media updates and scheduled calendar appointments. BlackBerry 10 offers Social, Multi-Media , Entertainment, Business, Games, Published Media, Music, And Video content in your hand. The new BlackBerry will be hitting the Market early March. They have also made some interesting announcements for one naming musician Alicia Keys as the Global Creative Director and releasing their first ever Super-Bowl commercial.

The new UI offers a  quick easy Peek at notifications. The Peek function allows you access the inbox without leaving the main app your in. The  Lock screen, see notifications, and a home-screen that displays currently running programs.  The new device features Flow all touch swipe motion based user experience. Another new feature is the Hub which is one inbox to balance-manage personal and work life separately. The new Hub allows you to easily shut off work content while not working, such as documents, communications, personal photos, and apps, keep separate and secure. The all in one in box integrates email and BlackBerry messenger with social network and calendar integration.

Thorsten Heins presents the BlackBerry Z10 and...

The new BlackBerry 10 is still very IT and work friendly with continued support for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. Companies can manage the application’s that are available in the BlackBerry World. One really cool feature is that ou can not access the personal information from the business side of the Hub and vice-versa. The BB 10 OS comes with security and encryption standards that meet the requirements of government agencies and enterprises. Also the BlackBerry Messenger now comes with a 2 mega-pixel front facing camera for video conference call’s with up to 12 participants. There is also a 8 MP rear facing Camera with Time Shift photo adjustment featuring the photo timeline Rewind technology. BlackBerry 10 OS also has built in photo editing software, with 1080 video recording and HD 1080 DPI vdeo output.

With the new features  BlackBerry 10 promises to take on iPhone 5 (iOS6), Android and Windows with some pretty fantastic features that promise to revolutionize the smartphone market much as BlackBerry did with the beginning of the smartphone market, as the iPhone and Android phones have swept the market. They already have over 70,000 and they have created an open API making it easier to create apps for BlackBerry. They have also made it very easy to port Android app’s into the new BB 10 OS as well as they have provided a free platform to create basic app’s. BlackBerry has also hosted Developer Port-a-thon’s have helped bring a large group of developers to the new BlackBerry World Operating System and App market. BlackBerry is also releasing some pretty fantastic new apps, one is Remember a new app geared to help you remember things that need to be taken care of, file and organize tasks. Another new app is BlackBerry Story Maker another new app in which you can create dynamic audio and video content. In addition you can now purchase Movies, TV Shows and Music in the new BlackBerry World. The new BlackBerry 10 Z10 has a larger screen than the iPhone 5 and boasts an internal storage up to 16 GB, a Dual-Core Process, 2 GB of Ram and external micro-SD support up to 64 GB. BlackBerry has announced that the new Z10 is all touch (which is a departure from the staple keypad) whereas the Q10 created for the BlackBerry faithful has a keypad. The all touch Z10 features smart-word prediction input keyboard that makes typing phrases and sentences you use commonly easy. Also the on-screen keyboard adjust over time to where you hand naturally presses. It will also support a 4G LTE experience and will be carried by Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, along with almost 200 other global carriers. It will also have WiFi Hotspot and many other new features to the BlackBerry experience.

Watch the product unveil of the newly redesigned, re-engineered, and re-invented BlackBerry here (post your comments after the jump):

Do you think the new BlackBerry has a chance in the iPhone and Android market? Is it too late for BB? Or is it the right time for a comeback?

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