A Peek Into The Life Of The Honorable King David (Covenant Fidelity Part 2)

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In this topic which is a follow-up to the on of the Kingship of Saul we will trace the events of the Kingship of David. We will take a look at the contrast the Kingship of David with that of Saul showing the ways that King David followed the Covenant in contrast to Saul who did not did not.

Saul and David.

David says what Elohim would do. David had faith. As the two spies spoke of the promise so did David have faith in the provider not his own might. The faithful speak of the promise of Adonai. David was king Saul’s son in law. Saul gave Mikal to David in order to distract him and hopefully David would fall in battle to the Philistines. David consults the Ephod and escapes from Saul’s clutches. David hides in a cave in Engedi and cuts off the tzitzit (corner tassels) of Saul’s garment. David persuades Saul to reconcile with him. David sneaks in Saul’s camp and threatens him by piercing the ground by him, whilst preventing his fellow outlaws from killing Saul. He takes Saul’s spear and jug and bargains a truce with Saul the next day. David was the Second king of the United Monarchy. David reigned as an example of the Messianic Kingdom in which Messiah will reign.

David is believed to have been born and died on the day of Shavuot. David’s prayer was said to be able to bring down that which “is in heaven” and make it so “on earth.” We see this prayer for the Davidic kingdom and as it is in heaven so be it on earth in the prayer of the Master Y’shua. David was able to pray for the manifestation of the Messianic Age. David is a type of Mashiach a humble shepherd servant who slayed Goliath to later become the promised King of Israel. David mediated between Adonai and Man. Bethlehem is the birthplace of David and Yeshua.

During the Iron age 1 and 2, the United Monarchy was in development. David was a leader of a band of outlaws after King Saul tried to kill him. David trusts Adonai to conquer Goliath. David is blessed by Adonai. David was the youngest brother. David said “let no man’s heart fall,” despite Saul’s attempt David chose not to wear the Armor because it was not battle tested by David. Goliath cursed David by his deity (his source) of provision and yet David slew him with all his physical advantages because He had faith in Adonai as his deliver, just as He had saved him from the Lion and the Bear.

Jonathan and David’s souls where knit together because they had kindred spirits of faith and Covenant fidelity. David had a tender heart to pray and love. The priest gave David the Consecrated Bread (Showbread). Abigail saves Nabal. When Nabal dies, Abigail becomes David’s first wife. Adonai remained with David. There were battles between the House of David and the House of Saul.

The Ark was taken to Jerusalem and the Tent of David was set up. David consulted the priest and used the Ephod. David feared Adonai and sought His divine provision. David trusted that Adonai would provide for him. David celebrates at his selection as King of Israel, however Abigail mocks David rejoice and therefore is barren til she dies. She is not fruitful because she wasn’t faithful to the Covenant. David plans to build the Beit Ha’Mikdash. God Covenants with David making an eternal Covenant with him.

David sinned in acquiring Bath’sheba which lead to the loss of his son who violated David’s daughter and his son who avenged his sister took David’s throne will dying by getting his hair caught in a tree. David’s repentance shows his fidelity to the Covenant. The Jewish practice of divorce on the battlefield made the act of remarrying Bath’sheba not a sin. According to the Talmud Uriah’s death wasn’t murder it was capital punishment for the sin of not obeying his king’s command. David’s heart is broken and he pleads for forgiveness. David is forgiven however the sin is kept as a record for us as what not to do. David’s heart was towards the Covenant and he sought to use the method of atonement in the Covenant as opposed to doing it himself. He listened to the prophet and repented of his sin, he didn’t go and commit more sins.

After Bath’sheba cleansed herself from being unclean, David told Uriah that he would not while “the ark, Israel and Judah” were in temporary shelters. Uriah rebelled against the King. When the time of Mourning was over David sent for Bath’sheba to be his wife. This was evil in Adonai’s eyes and the prophet Nathan rebuked David. David recognizes his sin and repents immediately before people are “allowed to blaspheme” Adonai due to David’s sins.

David interceded, as his son was sick. On the 7th day David’s child died, David washed, changed his clothes, came to the house of Adonai and worshipped. David fasted and prayer while the child was alive, when he passed away he worshiped and ate. David mourned every day. Absalom, David’s son, was trying to steal the hearts of the people. Absalom declared himself king. David fled Jerusalem. The King told Zadok to return to the city with the ark of Adonai. David went up to the Mount of Olives and went praying and weeping.

Sh’mei, son of Gira, cursed David. David sought Adonai’s blessing in the face of Cursing. Absalom got hung by his hair and David was restored as King. David’s brothers son, defeats Goliath. Solomon is David successor.

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