Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen | Best Movie of 2013 Thus Far Take A Look Inside To See Why


imageThis was a refreshing movie. It has been a while since I have seen a movie that has a complete set of quality key cinematic features in it. It is a movie that has good acting, good writing, good action, a good sound track and villains that were realistic but you didn’t just see something similar in the actual news.

I am tired of seeing celebrity news from Fox and CNN show up in a movie. And I am exhausted seeing Jihadist as the villains  It was refreshing to see a movie with enough realism to be intriguing but enough detachment from reality to not be stressful but enjoyable.

The chief protagonist in the movie are North Korean Communist. At times this reminded me of Red Dawn, well sorta. There was no “Wolverines” in the hill’s fighting as a resistance force.

There was plenty of good Army Ranger based combat scenes, even an appropriate placement of Marines within the context of the White House and Camp David. I grew up near Camp Pendleton so I pay attention to the depiction of the Marines and Armed force’s in movies.

There is also some really compelling martial arts action, including some scenes of Tae Kwon Do and realistic special forces combat that didn’t feel like it fit in the Bourne series. Since receiving my black belt in Tae Kwon Do I have always be intrigued by the Korean people, language, food, struggle and culture. It was cool to see a movie with some of these elements in a movie. Especially since the advent of the UFC, Martial Arts in movies has become less technical and more raw, which is good as it reflects some of the changes Bruce Lee sought to bring to Action Cinema.

Washington Monument, Washington D.C., United S...

There were some uncomfortable moments of ironic familiarity, perse when the airplane crashed into the Washington Monument and its “Imploded on itself” in contradiction to the laws of physics, an airplane crashing into a standing monument would have knocked it forward and off. That was a funny moment to me. 911 Truthers, please do not start a new internet movie off the clip. #thankyouverymuch

The movie had moments of genuine levity and comradery among the cast. It seems that they writer and director were going for a sense of realism and as well as detached entertainment. Which is needed. Who wants to see the stressors of Middle East up-rise or Islāmic Jihadist in the movies all the time. It gets stressful and wears on down. Then the blur between media and entertainment is lost.

It was good to see the bad guys do something completely unrealistic with a sense of realism. Yeah someone is going to take the White House and blow up the United States. I say this facetiously. This is not realistic.

I did enjoy was the well-trained, coordinated attack, which showed planning, training, financing and forethought. As opposed to a random act of terror. Yes, it was a terrorist act to attack the white house. I feel like we went back in time to the mid 80’s to early 90’s when movies were based in a detached sense of entertainment value not so engaged in a present war on terrorism.

I do not give away too many spoilers because this is a movie worth seeing.

The movie did start a little slow but built up. It had a compelling story and definitely had the crowd engaged noting the cheers and jeers. It was a well put together movie. I hope to see more good movies like this.

This movie was good, compelling and refreshing. I am thankful that someone had the decency to make a good movie for once.

English: Gerard Butler at the 2011 Toronto Int...

Thank you Antoine Fuqua for directing a master piece starring Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Angela Basset, Aaron Eckart and Ashley Judd.

It was good to see a good cast of mixed national origin playing lead roles in a movie that wasn’t produced solely by Tyler Perry. This movie screening was sponsored by a Latin American movie association and I see why.

This movie had a lot of good key elements. I don’t want to introduce any real spoilers suffice to say it is worth going to see.

If you want to see a good action movie, that isn’t predictable, with intrigue, espionage and plenty of twists. This movie is for you.


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