Messianic Revival Now! Will This Be The Joshua-Elisha Generation?

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English: Elisha raising the Shunammites SonIts time to kick the tires and light the fires. Its time to go. Time to burn the wood and cook the oxen as it where. Elisha had to burn his plow and cook the ox and go. For such a time as this we were born. It is time to go further and do more than the generation before us. We must take risks and do what the generation before us didn’t do. We must go where others have been afraid to. We must be bold like Joshua and Caleb and take the land.

We are on the cusp of the Joshua Generation the group that possess’s the land. The Age of the Gentiles ended when Israel became a nation again. It is now the time of the “Restoration of all things.” This is the Elisha generation, that prepares the way for Adonai. We need to raise up a group of prophets like Elisha and be like Joshua and take the land.

Its coming up on 40 years since the planting of the first Messianic Congregations. It is the Elisha-Joshua Generation it is time for us to take the Promised Land.

It is time to go from the B’midbar (in the Wilderness) to Possessing the Land. We must step out of the boat and walk in faith, to walk on water. If we stay in the boat we won’t see the miracles. The time is now, for such a time as this. It is time to walk on water, but we have to leave the comfort of our boats.

40 Years ago it took faith to enter the Wilderness of Messianic Ministry. Today the fear is around entering the land, taking the land, its time for the Joshua’s and Elisha’s to rise up and be bold, revolutionary and take the land. Its time to take the land, its time to go from winning less than .1 % to owning the land 100%.

It is time for the next phase of Revival, the next wave of Restoration. It is time. Time is now. We must Revive, Reform and Restore. The time is now. Rise up oh you sleeper.

The danger of Revival is that you feel satisfied in the last one and resist moving into the next wave of Revival. It is common for the generation of the last revival to reject the next great revival. I don’t want to miss the next great revival. I did enjoy the last one but I want to be apart of the next one and not get left behind.

Let us step out of our comfort and move in faith and take the promised land. Lets go. Lets do it. If you have been waiting to do something stop restraining yourself. Get up and go now. Take you bed of affliction and walk.

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