Movie Review: Constantine’s Sword by James Carroll Subtitled No War Is Holy (Concerning Jewish And Christian History)

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James Carroll‘s is a former Catholic priest who left the priesthood during the anti-Vietnam war demonstrations. He became a major Hollywood writer and activist. The movie Constantine’s Sword exposes the Churches dark history of violence against the Jewish people starting with Constantine’s violent conversion. This is a powerful documentary that establishes the reality that Christian hands are stained with the blood of the Jewish people. This is a must see the movie for those involved in Christian and Jewish interfaith dialogue and who seek to minister healing.

James Carroll takes us on a journey of extremism between the Evangelical involvement in war and military. This explores the dangers of fundamentalism. His father was a major player in the formation of America’s war machine under J. Edgar Hoover starting the Air Forces counter-intelligence.

He is responding to an Evangelical mission to convert cadets. It is bold and forced upon many, among the testimonies is a Jewish cadet who experienced discrimination by fellow cadets. The mixing of religion, politics and war is dangerous. Jihad, Crusades, Pogroms, Inquisitions and the like come from the mixing of war, politics and religion. The testimony comes from a Jewish believer in Yeshua whose fiancé is Christian who was discriminated against for being Jewish. This is the danger of fundamentalism.

One of the features is Ted Haggard’s New Life Church which was a main exponent of Evangelical involvement being involved in politics and war. Ted Haggard was disgraced for having a homosexual affair and doing illicit drugs for over a three year period.

The blatant disrespect of others human rights over fundamentalism blind advocacy of simplistic abandonment of human decency is dangerous. The dangerous neglect of human rights is appalling and hurtful.

We must be aware of the pain and conflict that has been done in the name of Christ and under the banner of the Cross. We must not blindly advocate dangerous positions. When we blindly espouse simple positions that are fundamental it is dangerous.

James Carroll decides to tackle the dark history of Jewish and Christian relationships in its complexity. We see images of the cross how its been used to cause pain and hurt of those who are Jewish.

You must shut down your heart and disconnect from the real world of what has happened to the Jewish people to not associate Christianity and the blood that has been spilled by those who follow whom they call Jesus Christ. This is what we must seek to heal.

It is hard for Jewish people who are descendents of the victims to accept a Messiah or Christ who is involved with the killing of any people group. Many Jews are moved by the humanity and mortality of Messiah and it impacts them. We must learn to help bridge the gap and heal the pain.

To understand anti-Semitism we must study non-Jews. Why are Jews blamed? Simply because they are Chosen by Adonai. It’s a special calling to point to Adonai. Y’shua was a devout Jew and a Prophet with a unique mission to the Jewish people. The way the story is told is dangerous.

The story of the Roman execution and Roman murder of Y’shua is turned into story of Jewish hatred and blame is turned from the Roman’s who took over the Religion to the Jews they sought to replace. This is the foundation of replacement theology.

It is not enough to tell the story of the bible, one must tell it in its Jewish context and in a completely faithful to the Jewish context. To remove the beauty of its Jewish context is to crucify the Savior and His people the Jewish people.

The vision of Constantine is the sign in which much murder was done since Constantine’s bloody conversion. It was because the deities of the impregnable city told the elders to leave the city to go outside its walls that Constantine was able to conquer and thus he became the bloody emperor who claimed Jesus Christ as the banner under which he murdered many. Out of his bosom was born Roman Catholicism, with Constantine’s effigy of the himself with a Cross in his hand. He made and idol of himself and a cross. These are anti-biblical concepts. Constantine’s glorified himself above others.

Constantine’s conversion is questioned by many, whether it was a way to strengthen power. The cross was not an early Christian symbol, fish, menorah’s, stars of David where more likely symbols. Under Constantine the Cross and Sword become one, than Christianity becomes Violent. Out of Christianity Islam is born as another bloody faith.

Constantine’s mother Helena collected many relics that people in Europe still flock to see these days. These same relics were idolized by countless evil doers. Constantine came from Germany, throughout the history of Germany and Catholicism it has had a bloody history of violence against the Jews.

The mindset of Roman Catholicism and Constantinian Christianity still pervades much of Europe. Many countries are mostly Catholic and have vestiges of Constantinian relics they idolize. This mindset trickles over to America. Much of Western ideology is full of Constantinian blood lust.

There is no “Robe” of the Messiah lost. The collection of relics by Saint Helena is not the true history the true history of Constantine is of blood shed and a history of war and empire building. Constantine had committed so many sins that there was no religion that could forgive him only Christianity.

Christianity and used fish, lambs and shepherds. Constantine brings in a cross to remind everyone that they may end up on a cross if they don’t do things his way. It was a Roman way of murder. Constantine had murdered his own son and was drawn to the Message of the death of a son by the hands of the heavenly Father.

The Church fathers wanted the Jews to Rome and Diaspora. Rome fell after Constantine. After some 600 years the Church declares a war on Islam however they started by killing Jews before going to the holy land. These murders began in Germany in Klone Germany by Crusader mobs wearing the sign of the Cross.

Jews had been invited to help the bishop in his financial affairs and they were killed due to Roman Catholic blood lust. The Jews were blamed for all the problems from finances, to health, etcetera… The Jews had begged for protection from the mobs they only sought to protect converts to Christianity the rest were allowed to die. Even during the Third Reich they promised to protect Jewish converts to Catholicism even the converts died in the concentration camps.

The pain of the holocaust, crusades and murder in the name of Christ Jesus is real. It is a reality in the presentation of the gospels. When Bush declared a crusade on militant Islam it created a real world reality of modern Jihad on Israel and America.

James Carrol’s father was a part of the new Atomic Priesthood that uses atomic weapons as a divine right at imperialism. America has more nuclear weapons than any other country. We act like those who want to protect themselves are evil. Murder is not a divine right.

Conversion usually follows by inquisition. The sin isn’t in the blood or beliefs. Jews are not the reason messiah died. Sin is. Proselytism is as evil as the sin of the holocaust. They have the true faith, the way, their culture is that of Messiah and the Apostles. We need to restore the Jewishness of the Gospel not save the Jews.

The Sephardic Jews have suffered at the hands of the Catholic inquisition. Assimilation is dangerous for Jewish people it has led to the Inquisitions and Holocaust. There must be distinctions for the Jewish people. Protecting the Jewish people and guarding distinct Jewish identity is important.

The danger of conversion and assimilation are the life of the Jewish people. We must protect and safeguard them. Helena’s discovery of the cross and her son Constantine is problematic because of the forced conversion and murders. Those who killed the Jews in Spain were called holy comforters. If the problem is in the blood they would kill you in a less painful way however it was still punishable by death to be a Jew. This a great evil. This is the great evil.

Fear causes many to seek to appease the Jew Killers, the Catholic and Fundamentalist who kill in the name of the Cross, causes many to seek to assimilate. Assimilation lead to the Holocaust and the Conquest of Spain. We must stand with and protect Jewish identity and renewal. Fundamentalism and its kin Evangelicals is a scary bunch in that they are very close to the ideals that have led to Holocaust, Pogroms, and Crusades.

We must not allow assimilation or conversion. The bible is a Jewish book, all of its writers were Jewish. Even Luke converted to Judaism and thus is Jewish. The context of the book is Judaism. Cultural missions can work for every people group except for the Jews for they are the people of G-d, the people of the book.

Sephardic Jews who converted to Catholicism do have a fear of the Inquisition causes many to fear embracing full Judaism. They embraced Catholicism and have generational fear of a new Inquisition may cause one. We must stand for Jewish identity. Fundamentalism is dangerous.

This is why separation of Church and state is needed, once any specific group controls politics they marginalize any other group and this is dangerous. We can not have any one specific religion that dominates society, yes Judeo-Christian values are central to those of Messianic faith. We must be safe to the Jewish people.

Neo-paganism and Catholicism is the things that birth Hitler. Fear drives the “Save-a-soul” fundamentalist, fear and war, blood shed and blood religion. It’s a dangerous mix. The vatican was the first foreign power to enter into agreement with Hitler. This is the great evil.

Roman Catholicism, Germany and Constantinian ideology are central to Christian murder of the Jewish people throughout the centuries. The fear and hatred of the Jews by fundamentalist is dangerous. Catholicism is a temple of blood sacrifice. Vatican hill is founded on a place where Nero and other killed Jews, Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians. It is a place and religion founded on blood.

Many people do things out of hate and fear, when it is not in shalom and love it is dangerous. We must walk in faith, hope and love not in fear. We must not be afraid. We must walk in faith. The Roman Catholic Church has condoned the murder of Jews who did not convert. Observing the Roman Catholic day of Sunday shows alignment with the killers of Jews and hatred of Jewish people in the name of the Cross, Constantine and Christ Jesus. This is something that should be avoided. Assimilation is dangerous. Jewish Renewal, the establishment, and protection of Jewish identity is what Messiah as the good Samaritan parable asks us to do. To take care of the Jewish people. Catholicism makes no qualms that they changed the sabbath and those who observe Sunday do so not by divine command but by the Roman Catholics choice and hatred of all things Jewish. We must love all things Jewish. We must repent and renounce the great evil that the Roman religion has perpetuated against the Jewish nation.

This is why I can not do Sunday, Christmas or Easter. The evil that has been done by man-made religion that is fundamental that seeks to convert Jews and to change religions from Jewish to other is dangerous.

I have a hard time with Jew Killers who hate the way Messiah was, a Jewish and Pharisaic Rabbi, who made Talmid Torah (disciples of Torah). There is no other way. To support fundamental Roman christian Jesus Christ imagery is an offense to Yeshua and the Father.

The murder done in Jesus Christ name is a great evil that Yeshua Ha’Mashiach does not condone and will judge many for silent and vocal support of the great evils of fundamentalism. The cross is a sign of a curse, not of life.

Symbols of life are more important than a sign used for murder and death. It made sense for Constantine took a sign of fear as a religious symbol to put his people in fear of the death he could bring. This is an evil thing.

Even with the Reforming Vatican Council 2, the Catholic Church is still a sick-man in the earth. The Jews are not Christ-killers. The Roman’s used Crucifixion. Pontius Pilate had Yeshua killed by Roman soldiers. Yeshua was not killed by Jews and not killed in a Jewish way.

Jesus would have died as an unknown Jew with a number on his arm, if he was in the holocaust. The cross is the sign that German’s used while killing Jews. They observed Christmas in concentration camps while killing Jews. I can not take part with such a unholy-day.

Catholics played a role in the murder of Jews. Catholics have support the great evils of murdering the Jewish people. The Catholic Church would oppose dropping contraceptives on a nation however they support dropping bombs in war.

The Gibson film about the Passion plays to stereotypes because he wanted to repeal the 2nd Vatican Council stopping its claim that the Jews were responsible for Messiah death. The last pope returned the practice of blaming the Jews on good friday. George Bush called the war on terror a crusade. This is dangerous fundamentalism.

The early Church practiced the thanksgiving meal on Shabbat, the Catholic church stole the Shabbat feast and created the Eucharist, they stole Shabbat and put it on Sunday. They killed all Jews who didn’t accept or convert. This evil is why the Church is so off and why the end time is yet to come.

We must not ignore, we must remember, and not let it happen again in our time. We can not be silent, we can not take part, we can not assimilate. Fundamentalism is dangerous. We can not allow this to happen. We must not take part in this evil. We must not support this kind of evil.

The fear and hatred is dangerous. We must not take part in the evil of Constantine’s Sword. Equality requires respect and not forcing others to hear you try to proselytize them. This missionary zeal in fundamentalism is dangerous when not respectful to G-ds word and G-ds people. Fundamentalist beliefs that are simple, fully of fear and theocracy are dangerous evils.

The culture wars and theological shifts of fundamentalist is dangerous when public dialogue should not be divisive or dangerous. This is a grave danger. There is much evil in history done by fundamentalism. War leads to death and murder. The terrible religious and civil conflict that is found in fundamentalism finds that murder is sponsored by religion, this is the great evil.

No war is holy. Never is war holy. War is painful and when done in a religious or fundamentalist context is the great evil.

Ted Haggard called himself a “Liar and Deceiver” when he stepped down from the National Evangelical Association. The sin he was living can explain the problems his ideology presented. We are all capable of sin, of good and evil. One must be careful when he thinks he stand least he falls.

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