Yeshua And The Men Of The Great Assembly: Messianic Pharisee’s or Messianic Saducee’s (Karaism or Rabbinic Judaism), Which Is Right?

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English: The Pharisee and the Publican by John...There is actually much proof that Yosef, Yeshua’s father and brothers where Pharisee’s and so was Y’shua, Paul and Peter. Peter is referred to as a Tzedek in Rabbinic or Pharisaic writing.

 “There was a man whose name was Joseph, sprung from a family of Bethlehem, a town of Judah, and the city of King David. This same man, being well furnished with wisdom and learning, was made a priest in the temple of the Lord. He was, besides, skilful in his trade, which was that of a  carpenter;” The History of Joseph the Carpenter 1:2

The concept of the priesthood of the believers is Pharisaic based on the Order of Melki-tzedek, the Essene‘s and Pharisee’s believed in the Order of Melki-tzedek. Jacob (James) and Judah  (Judea) where the first two heads of the Apostolic Community and where Pharisee’s who came to believe Yeshua (their brother through another mother) was their Messiah. Joseph was a widower before marrying Mary. One could not become a priest if he wasn’t born a Levite unless he joined the Pharisee’s.

Joseph was 89 when he took Mary, Joseph had four sons from his previous marriage Jacob, Judah, Shimon and Justus, he also had two daughters. Mary took James as here own son. Yeshua was Mary’s only son. Joseph had 6 previous children. Joseph was a Pharisee and a Priest (or Rabbi) in the Order of Melki-tzedek.

Yeshua said Yoseph was a righteous man who recognized Him (Yeshua) as Messiah before he died. Apparently his brothers believed Yeshua to be the Messiah of Israel. Yeshua had an interesting family and He always honored Yosef and Miriam.

Joseph died at 111 and was a priest under the Pharisee order and a Carpenter by trade like Paul was a Tallit maker by trade. The concepts of Rabbi and Synagogue (or by extension) are Pharisaic traditions.

There is much good in the Talmud. In Pirkei Avot and the Talmud Peter or Simon Kefa is referred to as Shimon ha’Tzedek. The Talmud is an accurate record of Second Temple Judaism as the early Apostolic Community split. It’s not perfect but it’s useful.

The Saducee‘s where the original Karaites. Yeshua called them the Hypocrites for they engaged in Greek culture, believer in a laity priest distinction, they put on masks and where white washed graves who sought to be seen.

Yeshua said do what the Pharisee’s say and not do what they do. The New Testament is a Pharisaic document with Essene’s undertones. I see dangers in the modern Karaite movement.

The modern Karaites are not connected to ancient Karaites. There are many reasons and proofs that the early “Church” were considered Pharisee’s for good reason.

This is my position. Karaism is beneficial for some returning to Torah especially when Talmud is unfamiliar and complex. However Peter and James warn of the dangers of Saducee’n personal interpretations. I find Talmud, Pirke Avot, Midrash Rabbah, and the Targums to be beneficial. The concept of Logo’s comes from the Aramaic word Mamre referenced in the Targums, this is what John 1 refers to. Josephus also refers to this.

There is a synthesis between Rabbinic thought and the Apostolic Faith, only through the Pharisee’s where the Apostolic church able to engage as a Temple sect, Synagogue’s and Rabbi’s. The Saducee’s would have not allowed Temple service since the Pharisee’s where not Levites by birth.

If one kept purity laws, eat Kosher, etcetera they could become a Tzadik or Priest and could minister in the temple just not as a high priest. This is the difference between the priests of Tzadok or Saducee’s and Pharisee’s, Yochanan Yeshua’s cousins father was a Pharisee became a son of David could not be a Levite but as a Pharisee he could minister in the temple.

It’s better to start with accepted norms than to join fringe groups. Karaism has some benefit but I find it problematic if we don’t want to be marginalized. There is to much Karaism, taking what people think are the Torah basics or minimums that at times fall into “Personal Interpretations” that Peter warned against. We are not to have private or personal interpretations.

The men of the Great Assembly wanted to find how Judaism wrong and what needed fixing. Daniel was a part of the early roots of the Great Assembly. He lived as a Tzedek praying the three prayer services of the Temple. They sought to establish Adonai original plan at Sinai Yeshua corrected and also endorsed the Pharisee’s fix.

The Synagogues were instituted by the forerunners of the Pharisee’s who took the laws for the priests and applied them for all Jews and thus all believers in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua. This revelation brought the revolution that caused Daniel to pray for the return to Israel. And Adonai responded to the Men of the Great Assemblies fix by restoring Israel bringing them out of captivity.

The glitche they found in the system were when Moses said you “are a royal nation, and holy Priesthood,” and had said sanctify yourself a for tomorrow Adonai will come down to you, they responded saying no you go up. Moses grieved because Adonai wanted all to be prophets. Because of this Adonai gave the Priesthood and Tabernacle as a pattern for a physical and spiritual reality until the men of the Great Assembly sought to set up the original Covenant plan that Adonai gave to Moses. Yeshua, Peter, James, the writer of Hebrews (most likely Barnabas) and the Essene’s saw this covenant reality and the need for a Suffering Tzadik, a priest after Melki-tzedek (a Pharisee) to fix the glitch. As Mashiach ben-Yoseph. Yeshua was truly Mashiach ben-Yoseph, physically by adoption and metaphorically.

Yeshua participated in and the Brit Chadasha fully endorsed the Pharisaic fix of the priesthood of the believers and the Order of Melki-tzdek which is what the Pharisee’s sought to be. This is what Hebrews and Galatians refer to as the disposition in priesthood, or that which was given at Sinai that Yeshua came to fix. Messianics need to understand this reality to fix the glitch in their system so they can work right. Until then the Messianic Synagogues and Hebrew Roots Christians will always be at odds. This is the unifying factor.

The Synagogue system started in Babylonian captivity to Institute Adonai’s original plan to establish all Israel as priests. This is the same goal of Apostolic Judaism. The eyes of many are veiled by dogma and blindness to this reality.

This was in practice for 500 years before Messiah it prepared the Israelites to Return to Israel from Captivity and ushered Messiah’s first coming. It also brought many Gentile converts the same has begun today to prepare for Messiahs return.

Peter warns against “Personal interpretation.” This is because Peter was a Pharisee who is recorded as a Tzadik. This movement was later developed by Marcion and Nicene Christianity.

Yeshua said do what they teach for they teach right just don’t do what they do. Consider the implications of doing what the Pharisee’s teach and what that means versus what the Saducee’s taught.

Much of Christianity has taken on the way of the Saducee’s becoming one with secular culture, putting on different masks as hypocrites, along with Murder and Sexuality immorality the sins that brought about the destruction of the Temple and the Saducee’s. Too many go to 24 Hour Fitness (olympic bath houses), sporting events (gladiatorial coliseum, ufc, mma), and Theatre (entertainment), as well as the Laity-Clergy distinction. This is something that needs correction.

At Yeshua’s time a Priest after the Order of Melki-tzedek was a Pharisee, the Essene’s and Pharisee’s believed that way. The Essene’s left the temple because it was impure and created an ascetic community. The Pharisee’s engaged in the temple but their goal was Synagogue’s and teaching the priesthood of all who are of faith. This is why Kosher and Purity laws apply in Judaism because we are all priests and with no temple it applies to the Order of Melki-tzedek. There is no church without a Synagogue, and doing a Church or Synagogue validates the Pharisaic interpretation.

Daniel, and the three, went into the Fire and Lions Den and survived because they eat Kosher and prayer the Temple Prayer Services, meaning they where apart of the Great Assembly, attended Synagogue and believed the Priesthood of all who believe and this is why they were tested and saved from the Fire and Lions Den. Adonai responded to this and returned them to Eretz Israel. They were a part of the Great Assembly and their reforms brought about the Restoration of Israel.

The Temple was reinstituted and Pharisee’s who were not Levites were able to participate in the temple. Because the priests after Tzadok, the Saducee’s, we corrupt they hated others with no base, they murdered and where sexually immoral because the priesthood was sold and the high priesthood was for sale to the ruling Suzerain, or Roman kingdom. The Pharisee’s sought to return the Helenized Jews to a pure priesthood.

Remember the High Priest who killed Yeshua was a Saducee not a Pharisee, most of Yeshua’s teaching was an inter-Pharisee discussion, he was a Rabbi (and thus a Pharisee), went to the Synagogue (a Pharisee institution), and used Pharisaic teaching tools such as Mishalim (parables). Yeshua was bringing an endorsement and reform of Pharisaic Judaism that scared the Saducee’s. The Essene’s knew the temple was to be destroyed so the fled the city to Qumran. The Pharisee’s knew but sought to aide in the transformation to the original covenant plant given at Sinai not the substitute. This is why Yeshua said the temple would be destroyed. Yeshua was killed by the Saducee’n High Priest because the reform’s Yeshua brought to the Pharisee’s undermined his political power and threatened the temple. It was Saducee’s not Pharisee’s who had Yeshua killed. More Pharisee’s joined Yeshua, some didn’t.

Yeshua came first to bring correction to the Pharisee’s, to bring reform, but he also endorsed the Pharisee’s over the Saducee’s. The first two church leaders after Him where Josephs son James (Jacob) and Judea (Judah), who were a well known Pharisee family.

When the temple was destroyed the Saducee’s ceased to exist, the early believers where a Sect of Pharisee’s. They worked with the Pharisee’s for the next few hundred years. The period of separation between 200 CE and 600 CE was a progressive advocacy away from the Rabbinic outlook.

Much of Yeshua’s responses to Pharisee’s asking who was right, the Essene’s at Masada, the Saducee, or Pharisee’s Hillel or Shamai. Mostly He mediated between Hillel and Shamai. This is the context of Yeshua’s mission. He called Jews to Covenant Fidelity. Gentiles do not have the Covenants of Israel so they must be brought into the Covenants from the Jewish Messiah. Paul’s message to Gentiles is not the message that Peter and James brought to the Jews. Trying to take the message to the Jews that’s for the Gentiles is nonsensical.

A couple good books to read are My Jesus Year and the Year of Living Biblically which are good books, both by Jews one was a son of a Reformed Jew the other married a convert to Judaism. They spent a year trying to live the bible one tried Christianity and the other the whole bible including the New Testament. The point is they both said Jesus made us better Jews. And for Jew who have the covenant that is what Yeshua is here to do. For Gentiles with no Covenants we need the Jewish Messiah to come into the Covenant. Yeshua wants Jews to repent or return to Covenant faithfulness the message of guelah (redemption) us different for Jews and Gentiles. Paul’s message is for Gentiles not Jews, you can not take the Gentile Message to the Jews. or give versa this is where we get confused. Cohen the author of My Jesus Year  is now a part of Synagogue 3000 a group seeking to bring Christian reforms to Judaism.

There are also two separate books titled Messianic Judaism by two different authors who are Jewish, the first is by Dan Cohn-Sherbock and the other by Carroll Harris-Shapiro. These are studies of Messianic Judaism by practicing Jews. Dan says Messianic Judaism can become a Judaism and he suggests some changes. I suggest that would be some good reading and some things to consider.



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