Movie Review: This Is The End

Ok, I hated it, after the first half.

First they had a comedy contest before the show and someone gave an antisemitic joke which everyone thought was funny. I didn’t and before a movie with some Jewish guys in it that was tasteless. All the people who cheered bothered me. So that set the tone for me. I wasn’t happy at their little comedy session.

The first part of the movie was pretty funny, seeing comedians play themselves at a party with friends. Once I saw the blue lights, and people ascending I knew it was supposed to be the rapture. When the guys where trapped in the house for the first part of the movie there was plenty of comedy, but then it got weird and then it went for the gut.

Given I can see some Jewish guys, (Seth Rogen and co…), smoking pot talking about the rapture and end of days and finding the Christian notions of Rapture, the beast and dragon, to be funny, since the don’t subscribe to them. However being in the middle practicing Jewish-Christianity. It is offensive and tasteless. Plus there are inappropriate scenes that are just horrible.

There were funny moments in the movie. But once you find out what all the end is all about the sacrilege begins. Satan sodomizing one of the characters was horrible like a crappy B movie. It wasn’t funny after the first half. Fine, the rapture is a joke to those who don’t believe and the end of the world didn’t come in 2012 but it’s tasteless to make fun of peoples beliefs its tasteless.

This was worse than Dogma. I feel ashamed that I saw this I should have checked out what it was about before going. I feel violated by the tasteless mocking of faith. And heaven isn’t a MTV video with video girls and the backstreet boys singing. I’m disgusted. Personally I feel the need to start a protest. Don’t go see thus crappy movie. If you respect yourself, love G-d and have faith don’t go to the movie. Do not waste your money on it.



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