A Completely Thorough And Free Online Jewish Education Program You Should Check Out: Morasha Syllabus

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I want to share some in-depth resources you can study yourself and you can lead groups and share with others. The Morasha Syllabus by NLE Resources has a through Jewish education program that can be done in person study, or with others. Here is the information from their site and links to related downloaded and reproducible material. Hopefully this will be an aide in your study and helping share with others.

NLE Resources – MORASHA SYLLABUS (New Material)

An extensive collection of teaching materials, class outlines and study guides on a wide range of Jewish topics for beginning students of Judaism.

Introducing Jews
to Judaism:Focus on core issues within
::each topic.
Thoroughly researched
::source material.
Suitable for one-on-one
6 learning.


Resources:Articles, Essays, MP3’s.
Resources Materials.
Basic Judaism Explained.
Trigger Films.



Morasha is an international educational organization, headquartered in Jerusalem, dedicated to building Jewish literacy and Jewish identity for Jewish students worldwide. Responding to the needs of educators around the globe, a team of scholars, writers, and editors, conceived of a 120-part curriculum to introduce Jewish students to the most fundamental aspects of Judaism, Jewish History, and Jewish life. Now available in English, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, the Morasha Syllabus is reaching tens of thousands of Jewish students throughout the former Soviet Union, in Europe, Israel, North America, and South America. As a service to Jews everywhere, Morasha Syllabus makes its Introducing Jews to Judaism material available to teachers and students of Judaism through this one-of-a-kind website, and has assembled other source material and valuable links for Jews of all backgrounds.

The groundbreaking Morasha Syllabus project began at Ner Le’Elef in 2008, and new classes are being released regularly. Check back often to see which classes have been added.


Guidance for Class Preparation

These classes can be used in a variety of educational settings. The classes appear in both Word and graphically enhanced PDF formats to either print out the source sheets in their entirety or to copy and paste to build a class according to your specifications.

The source material can be used in the following ways:

  • To enable a teacher to personally educate himself on a given topic and prepare a class without distributing the sources.
  • To be used as the basis for a formal lecture, class or workshop by distributing the class outline and cutting and pasting carefully selected sources for the students.
  • The ideas and sources can be used for a d’var Torah, or can be shared informally at a Shabbat table.
  • Specific questions with their pertinent sources can be cut and pasted for discussion groups.
  • To be used for one-on-one learning with students.

Classes Require Preparation and Personal Input

Each educator must invest the time to master the materials so that these become your classes. Moreover, integrating your own material and stories will add a personal touch, making the strongest impact on your students.

A Word of Caution

Although we have developed and presented the material in a user-friendly format to facilitate teaching each class in its entirety to the students, the syllabus may contain individual sources, sections or even entire classes that you find inappropriate for your students. This material was included to ensure that the educator has been provided with the necessary background material for each given topic. However, it is the responsibility of you, the educator, to discern which classes, sections, and individual sources are most appropriate for your students and which should not be integrated into your personalized classes and syllabus.

 (If you click the highlighted links they will take you to the related content for study, there are videos, audio, pdf’s, and much more to aide in learning).

Bein Adam L’Chavero

Core Beliefs

Dating, Relationships, Love and Marriage

Ecology and The Environment



Jewish Calendar

Jewish Leadership

Jewish Life Cycle


Money and Possesions

Personal Growth and Development

Understanding the History of the Holocaust


Purpose of Man in The World


The System of Halacha – Jewish Law

|Purpose of Man in the World | Core Beliefs | Jewish Calendar | Spirituality | Israel | Jewish Lifecycle | Dating, Relationships, Love & Marriage | Mitzvot | Prayer | Jewish Leadership | Money & Possessions |  Bein Adam L’Chavero | Ecology & the Environment | The System of Halachah: Jewish Law | Ethics |  Personal Growth & Development | Understanding the History of the Holocaust | Beginner Hebrew Reading |

Morasha Educational Curriculum (Original Syllabus)

Introducing Jews to Judaism is the flagship project of the Morasha Syllabus and features 130 classes on the most essential features of Judaism, Jewish History, and Jewish life. Click on the bold links below to download the classes in PDF format. PLEASE READ THE SUGGESTED GUIDELINES ON HOW TO USE THE MORASHA CURRICULUM AND SHIURIM.

Purpose of Man in the World:

1 What is Judaism? An Introduction to a Journey of Self-Discovery   ~ NEW ~
2 Introduction to the Purpose of Man in this World  ~ NEW ~
3 Caring for the Jewish Soul – Dynamics of the Body and the Soul
4 The World Was Established for Chesed
5 Hashgachah Pratit I: The Nature and Dynamics of Hashgachah Pratit  ~ NEW ~
6 Hashgachah Pratit II: Perceiving God in Our Lives  ~ NEW ~
7 Free Will I: The Nature, Importance & Dynamics of Free Will
8 Free Will II: Is There Free Will in Light of God’s Omnipotence & Omniscience?
9 Being Like God
10 Making Impressions for Stardom or Infamy: Kiddush Hashem & Chillul Hashem
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Core Beliefs:

11 The Jewish Understanding of God  ~ NEW ~
12 Developing and Strengthening Belief in God I: First Cause (Cosmological) and Design (Teleological) Arguments
13 Developing and Strengthening Belief in God II: The Moral Argument and Deciding Whether or not to Believe
14 Evidence for Torah M’Sinai I: Historical Approaches for Providing Evidence for National Revelation
15 Evidence for Torah M’Sinai II: Witnesses, Prophecy, Jewish Survival, Mitzvot, Torah Scrolls
16 Belief in God: Is There a Mitzvah to Believe?
17 Torah Study: The Foundation of Jewish Life
18 Honoring Parents  ~ NEW ~
19 Teshuvah I: Introspection and Growth or the Confession Box?
20 Teshuvah II: The Journey Back
21 Toward Understanding Suffering & Adversity
22 Taking Responsibility (Sechar V’Onesh)
23 The Chosen People
24 The Miracle of Jewish Survival – The Eternal Jewish People
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Jewish Calendar:

25 Introduction to the Jewish Calendar: Holiness in Time
26 Shabbat I: Plugging into the Goals of Life
27 Shabbat II: The Shabbat Experience
28 Rosh HaShanah I: Meeting Our “Author”
29 Rosh HaShanah II: The Big Bang and Me
30 Rosh HaShanah III: Simanim & Tashlich – Serious Excitement
31 Yom Kippur: Actualizing Our Mission in Life
32 Sukkot I: The Sukkot Festival, the Sukkah, and the Four Species
33 Sukkot II: The Week of Joy that Keeps us Dancing the Entire Year
34 Sukkot III: Hoshana Rabbah, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah
35 Chanukah I: Illuminating an Eternal Conflict
36 Chanukah II: The Chanukah Miracles – How They Were Triggered and What They Teach
37 Chanukah III: It’s All Up to Us – Spreading the Light
38 Tu B’Shvat: When a Tree is No Longer Just a Tree
39 Purim I: Purim Unmasked – Understanding the Eternal Festival
40 Purim II: The Mitzvot of the Day
41 Pesach I: Slavery and the Pesach Miracles
42 Pesach II: Nationhood, Providence & Freedom
43 The Passover Seder Experience Handbook
44 Sefirat Ha’Omer I: Making it Count
45 Sefirat Ha’Omer II: Lag B’Omer and Striving for Spiritual Perfection
46 Shavuot I: What Does Shavuot Commemorate? & The Eternal Impact of Ma’amad Har Sinai
47 Shavuot II: The Ten Commandments, Preparing for Shavuot, Megillat Ruth & Shavuot Customs
48 The Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av I: Exile & Destruction
49 The Three Weeks and Tishah B’Av II: Why the Temple was Destroyed & How to Rebuild It
To download the files from the above section in Word click here .


50 The Jewish Vision of Spirituality I: The Quest for an Authentic Spiritual Connection   ~ NEW ~
51 The Jewish Vision of Spirituality II: The Spiritual Expression of Mankind  ~ NEW ~
52 The Jewish Vision of Spirituality III: Connecting to Spirituality in Time  ~ NEW ~
53 The Jewish Vision of Spirituality IV: Spirituality in Space & Beyond  ~ NEW ~
54 Prophets and Prophecy I: What is Prophecy, its Importance, and Who Qualifies to be a Prophet?
55 Prophets and Prophecy II: Limits of Authority, Examples of Prophecy, and Prophecy Today
57 Introduction to the Messiah and the World to Come
58 The Messiah I: The Concept of the Messiah, His Necessity, and Qualifications
59 The Messiah II: The Nature of the Messianic Era
60 The World to Come I: What in the World is the World to Come?
61 The World to Come II: How Can I Secure a Front Row Ticket?
62 The World To Come III: The New You! Resurrection of the Dead
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.


66 The Centrality of the Land of Israel
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Jewish Lifecycle:

67 Brit Milah
68 Bar & Bat Mitzvah: The Transformational Birthday Party for the Soul  ~ NEW ~
69 Celebrating a Jewish Wedding I – Engagement to the Bedeken
70 Celebrating a Jewish Wedding II – Chuppah to Sheva Brachot
71 Jewish Perspectives on Death, Burial & Mourning  ~ NEW ~
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Dating, Relationships, Love & Marriage:

72 The Jewish View of Marriage – Marrying Your Ezer Knegdo – Soul Mate  ~ NEW ~
73 The Jewish Concept of Love  ~ NEW ~
74 The Philosophy of Taharat Hamishpachah & Mikvah – The Hidden Mitzvot of Love, Joy and Renewa
~ NEW ~
75 Dating Jewish Style – The Search for a Soul Mate  ~ NEW ~
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.


76 The Mitzvot and Why They Are Detailed  ~ NEW ~
77 Tefillin
78 Why Keep Kosher?
79 The Concept and Practice of Berachot   ~ NEW ~
80 Mezuzah
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.


81 Prayer: Inner Jogging, Heavenly Connection  ~ NEW ~
82 Overview of the Amidah I: History, Structure, and Purpose  ~ NEW ~
83 Overview of the Amidah II: The Way to Pray – In Thought and Action  ~ NEW ~
84 The Beit Knesset: The Jewish Communal Spiritual Connector
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Jewish Leadership:

85 Jewish Leadership I: What is Jewish Leadership and What Characterizes a Leader?
86 Jewish Leadership II: More Leadership Qualities, Practical Skills, and Becoming a Leader
87 Avraham Avinu: The Great Progenitor
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Money & Possessions:

88 The Power of Tzedakah
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Bein Adam L’Chavero:

89 Taming the Inner Critic: Transforming Attitudes by Judging Favorably
90 Visiting the Sick
91 Hospitality to Guests
92 Love Your Neighbor As Yourself: Ahavat Yisrael
93 Controlling Anger
94 The Stunning Power of Speech I: The Cosmic and Spiritual Dynamics of Speech
95 The Stunning Power of Speech II: Lashon Hara – Destructive Speech
96 The Stunning Power of Speech III: Reclaiming the Air Waves
97 Can You Ever Tell A Lie?
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Ecology & the Environment:

98 The Jewish View of Ecology and the Environment
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

The System of Halachah – Jewish Law:

99 Introduction to the System of Halachah – Jewish Law  ~ NEW ~
100 The System of Halachah I – The Revelation of the Torah   ~ NEW ~
101 The System of Halachah II – The Written Torah, the Oral Torah, and their Interrelationship  ~ NEW ~
102 The System of Halachah III – The Contents of the Oral Law  ~ NEW ~
103 The System of Halachah IV – Necessity, Advantages and Accuracy of the Oral Torah   ~ NEW ~
104 The System of Halachah V – The Chain of Torah Transmission  ~ NEW ~
105 The System of Halachah VI – Rabbinic Authority  ~ NEW ~
106 The System of Halachah VII – The Concept and Dynamics of Machloket – Dispute  ~ NEW ~
107 The System of Halachah VIII -The Halachic Process and Codification of Jewish Law  ~ NEW ~
108 The System of Halachah Flow Chart
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.


109 The Jewish Approach to Abortion
110 Business Ethics I: Jewish Values in the Marketplace  ~ NEW ~
111 Business Ethics II: Case Studies in Jewish Business Ethics  ~ NEW ~
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Personal Growth & Development:

112 Judaism and Personal Growth I: Scaling the Internal Alps
113 Judaism and Personal Growth II: Making it Happen
114 The Jewish Vision of Happiness
115 Too Big for Your Boots: Balancing Arrogance, Self-Esteem and Humility
116 Defining One’s Role in Life: Achieving Greatness
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Understanding the History of the Holocaust:

117 Understanding the History of the Holocaust I – The Holocaust Events
118 Understanding the History of the Holocaust II – Jewish Resistance, Miracles, and Righteous Gentiles
119 Understanding the History of the Holocaust – Timeline
To download the files from the above section in Word click here.

Learning to read Hebrew is an integral part of the Morasha Syllabus project. We are thankful to the National Jewish Outreach Program (www.njop.org) for making its Hebrew Reading Crash Course material available to Morasha programs worldwide. To receive the Hebrew reading teaching and learning materials, please email Mr. Larry Greenman at rha@njop.org.
Beginner Hebrew Reading:

120 Learning Hebrew Reading Skills I (www.njop.org)
121 Learning Hebrew Reading Skills II (www.njop.org)
122 Learning Hebrew Reading Skills III (www.njop.org)
123 Learning Hebrew Reading Skills IV (www.njop.org)
124 Learning Hebrew Reading Skills V (www.njop.org)
125 Learning Hebrew Reading Skills VI (www.njop.org)

| Trigger Films | Purpose of Man in the World | Core Beliefs | Jewish Calendar | Spirituality | Jewish Lifecycle | Prayer | Ben Adam L’Chavero | Money & Possessions | Ecology & the Environment | Ethics | Personal Growth & Development | Pivotal Events in Jewish History | Chumash | Insights into Pirkei Avot | Parsha | The System of Halacha | Foundations Book | Miscellaneous Materials |

On this page you can find links to a large range of supplementary educational resource materials that can help you teach many of the topics in the Morasha Curriculum. These materials are also organized according to the Morasha Curriculum categorization and include documents in both Word and PDF, audio files, and also video. Some of these links facilitate immediate downloads and others connect to sites where resources can be read online, downloaded or streamed. In addition, there are lists of specific materials that are very useful in preparing shiurim for students, but require an additional log in to other websites.

The video clips can be used as trigger films for your shiurim. Here is an overview of the benefits of using trigger films in your teaching, some recommendations on how to use them, as well as suggestions to purchase reasonably priced video projectors.

Trigger Films:

Purpose of Man in the World:
Free Will
The Purpose the World
Hashgachah Pratit – Divine Providence

Core Beliefs
Comparitive Religions
Developing and Strengthening Belief in G-d
Torah MiSinai

Jewish Calendar

Mashiach – The Messiah
World to Come

Jewish Lifecycle
Bar Mitzvah
Brit Milah
Celebrating a Jewish Wedding
Death and Mourning

Jewish View of Prayer
Shemoneh Esrei
The Beit Knesset

Ben Adam L’Chavero
Love Your Neighbor As Yourself: Ahavat Yisrael
Can You Ever Tell a Lie
The Stunning Power of Speech

Money & Possessions

Ecology & the Environment
Responsibility for the Environment

Professional Confidentiality

Personal Growth & Development
Judaism Vision of Happiness

Pivotal Events in Jewish History

Teaching Chumash


Insights into Pirkei Avot
How to Teach Avot
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI

The System of Halacha
Rabbinic Authority
The Necessity and Proof of Oral Torah
Transmission and the Integrity of the Oral Torah

A pioneering 5-week course for parents of young children
‘Adult – useful ▪ child – friendly’

“Foundations” is a course designed for parents of young children.
The material has been created by the seed UK team.
Our goal is to stimulate Jewish learning in the home,
by equipping parents with easy access to Jewish knowledge.
Parents can take the lead in the process of transmission.



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