Confusion In The One Law Camp, Clarified!

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English: The Beit Midrash of Yeshiva Machon Me...There is confusion in the One Law camp because many teach that pre-conversion to Judaism. (or before the Beit Talmid level) that one is obligated to the law once one gets saved but this goes against the Jerusalem Council ruling that at salvation they don’t have to. The confusion is over when one is obligated to the fullness of the Law. According to Paul it’s upon Circumcision not salvation and not mikvah ha’ruach. Peter and James agree on salvation however of you read the Apostolic Fathers or the Epistles of Peter to James (Jacob) and Jacobs reception, a Gentile convert was given 6 years to be in essence a beit sefer a student of the Chumash under the tutelage of a Rabbi, and if they wanted to study to become a beit Talmid a student to study scroll themselves with the aim of becoming a Shaliach then they would have to be circumcised and go through another immersion and Covenant meal to began study to become a Shaliach. For each new scroll this was done. Kind of a rinse and repeat as necessary? ;) lol if one was found a worthy diligent student they could go on but if not they would have to give the Scroll back. Upon completion of the beit talmid level you could advance to the beit midrash level in which you could become a Shaliach and freely debate and engage in midrash with the other rabbis and Shlichim. However if one choose to stay at beit sefer level they weren’t required conversion, because being a sheep is a valid life choice, not all are called to teach or be shepherds. We can’t have all chiefs and no Indians. The real issue is over when one becomes responsible to all Torah or not. Some One Law teach all who get saved are obligated not understanding the Apostolic period, process or writings. Anywho that is what the followers of Yeshua did. The Matthean community used the book of Matthew as a Lectionary that they canted weekly along with the Torah, this is why the Hebrew Matthew is written in Hebrew poetic rhyme form to make cantilation easy. And the Didache was the manual for Gentile discipleship among the Apostles. Paul and his convert to Judaism Luke abandoned the use of the Didache and didn’t pressure or pursue the beit sefer, to beit Talmid, to beit midrash process. If you read The Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol 7 you can read where Clement heard the Gospel under Barnabas and wanted to go tell the Greeks and Barnabas cautions him and pleads with him to come to Israel to study under Peter. He does and in the end Peter chooses Clement to replace him as a chief Shlichim of the Apostolic movement. That was the tension between Peter, Paul, James and Barnabas, all of the circumcision but debating how and when Gentiles become obligated to Torah. This is where the confusion lies.

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