Hastening Redemption: Preparing For Mashiach’s Return By Returning All Things To Their Right State Is Our Mission

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“And the Children of Israel were armed — chamushin — when they went up from Egypt. (Shemos 13:18), Chamushim [can be understood to be derived from chamishah — five — alluding to the fact that only] one out of five left [Egypt], and [the other] four-fifths died [in Egypt] during the three days of darkness.” – Rashi

Vision from Book of Revelation

Vision from Book of Revelation (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

This is not the nice clean P.C. (Politically Correct) story we hear most the time. We hear that Israel went out in great joy however it had to be bitter sweat when 4 out of 5 people you knew were dead. Their had to be joy at freedom but sorrow in the loss. Their had to be great mourning. A nation was born in tears and bitter weeping. This also points to the Resurrection of the Dead and thus the Days of Mashiach.

The nation was born in this manner, in the same manner, the nation will be reborn anew in the Age of Mashiach. At the Resurrection of the Dead, when we will all be caught up to be with our Mashiach and their live with Him in eternity in the Age to Come. The circumcision of the hearts that happens but happen also happened.

As in most cases its only about 20% of any population that truly believes, it’s the 80/20 rule. Most people are sheep and follow whereas it says “many are called but few are chosen.” Not all choose to be a stand out and lead even themselves most people spend their entire lives as sheep. Among those in America who say they believe only 15-25% actually adhere to the bible. Of all the Jewish people only approximately 20% actually observe, believe and practice. This is what it means by the Remnant, there is always a Remnant that believes and does, the rest usually adhere to the concepts but do not practice.

These are those that Ya’akov ha’Tzadik (James the Just) said that even the demons believe and tremble, and then he goes on to say in essence show me your works and I will see your faith and ends with “faith without works is dead.” When Messiah comes will He find faith on the earth? For those who declare that Judaism is dead but have not works they are wrong, their religion is dead because their faith isn’t active, their faith does not produce fruit because their “belief” does not have feet. Faith without feet is useless and thus lifeless and dead. This is the moral of this story.

“Why do Jewish people overstay their welcome in exile?” Rabbi Winston Pinchas

We must move on from where we are when the Glory (Kavod) of Adonai moves, when the cloud of covering moves we must move. This is a key point. Rabbi Pinchas believes that when the Kavod has moved on that removes the protective covering of the Jewish people and when they wont move from where they are comfortable ha’satan then causes a rise of anti-semitism that attacks the Jewish people and forces them to have to move on.

We need to be like Ya’akov Avinu who as soon as he saw that the Kavod had moved on he left Laban’s house immediately. He knew it wasn’t safe to stay his brother in laws where conspiring against him and Laban stopped looking at him with the love he once had for his son in law. It was time to go.

According to Rabbi Pinchas due to eating the Etz Ha’Da’at Tov v’Rah (the tree of knowledge of good and evil) we must help rectify creation and thus bring about Tikkun Olam and by merit usher in the Age of Mashiach (Olam Ha’Ba-the Age To Come). We do this by making things Kodesh l’Hashem (holy unto Adonai). As things are made holy unto G-d we participate in ushering in the Messianic Age (Yemot Ha’Mashiach). The process in which one separates (havdalah) out the Nitzotzei Kedushah (Holy Spark) from the realm of impurity and elevating them back to their holy source as “Kodesh l’Adonai,” (holy unto Adonai). This is the goal of all creation to bring glory to G-d and to elevate the mundane into the spiritual plane. We are to sanctify our lives, to live holy and set apart, to live as priests and kings of the most High who usher in Holiness by living Shomer Torah, sanctified, and faithfully walking in the Chen-Grace-Favor of Adonai, it is by Charis we are Geulah (redeemed), it is by trusting in Adonai that we see the work of Adonai in our lives. Without faith it is impossible to please Adonai. It is through our faith in that which we do not see, that brings the spiritual into the physical.

We raise the mundane to new life in Mashiach when we as priests come with the right kevanah-intention-focus, when we do the gemilut chasdim (acts of kindness) with a desire to see the kavod (glory) of Adonai made manifest. When we sanctify the Sabbath, say Grace after Meals, observe Erev Shabbat Kiddush, do the Shacharit Prayers, when we Daven, or do a Mitzvah we lift items from secular to sacred we restore them to their proper created order and participate in Tikkun Olam.

Sanctification is the process of working with Mashiach to redeem that which has been tarnished, it’s the cleansing impure vessels and making them vessels of honor. We are to purify our bodies, souls and spirits, to return them to the right state and right standing with Adonai. This process of purification sets things right with the creator. This is why we eat Kosher, we understand the symbolism of impurity but more importantly we understand restoring things to their right standing with Adonai.

This is the power, glory and beauty of living sanctified, holy, and set-apart unto Adonai, restoring things to their right place with Adonai. This is the minister of reconciliation that we have been given to return things to the state of holiness they were at in creation. This is completing the creative act, it gains us no merit, it helps restore the earth to its proper state so that G-d can come back to the place we destroyed, tarnished His image and broke Covenant with him.

When we elevate the natural to divine we restore things to the right standing with G-d of n the Kingdom of Heaven, we help bring that which is fallen back up to the state it was intended. This of course we do not have to do but it is the Bride making herself holy and preparing herself for the resurrection of the dead when we return to the state in which we are without spot or wrinkle with our lamps trimmed ready for Mashiach to come. When we return as much of the earthly things back to the state they were in the garden we usher in the Kavod of Adonai and help prepare a place for Adonai to come to. When the pattern is right the Kavod will fall or come. To usher in the presence of the Ruach Ha’Kodesh and usher in the return of Mashiach we must follow the patterns set out in Torah and in the traditions of Adonai’s Covenant people. If we want to see Mashiach we must live in a way that helps prepare the earth to be a place that is closer to the state of paradise lost.

It is man who caused the rupture, the breaking, the fall. As Adonai told Cain “sin crouches at your door to overpower you but I would that you have dominion over it.” That from the day mankind opened the free exchange of information between the spiritual realm of the second heavens to know the good and evil that the fallen angels knew, that they eat of the tree of knowledge and entered into a covenant meal with ha’satan that they could hear and know good and evil. Man already knew good, know they could hear “G-d” and ha’satan’s side of the story. Satan felt creation was lacking his voice, he wanted to be heard and Adam broke the Covenant with Elohim and thus ruptured the Kedushah (holiness) and grieved the Ruach Ha’Kodesh. It is our job as sons of Adam to participate with Mashiach the second Adam in helping repair the world, to help restore the brotherhood of mankind to a right relationship with Adonai. It is our job to participate in Tikkun Olam daily.

According to Rabbi Pinchas based upon Ya’akov Avinu’s vision of the ladder ascending the angels, principalities and powers, only ascend and descend over Israel and therefore there is only so much Nitzotzei Kedusah (Holy Spark) sent out from Israel and when Adonai withdraws his Nitzotzei, it is time to move from where you are to where the Holy Spark is moving you, or to return to Israel where the gate of heaven is open and the Angels of Adonai freely ascend and descend.

This is the unique anointing and presence people experience when they go into the Holy Land, which is and open heaven. We can invite the Holy Spark or the Kavod into our lives and the closer we get to Adonai’s original creation, as we participate in Adonai’s play of Redeeming Creation to its creator, the more of the Kadosh we experience. The more we seek Kedushah (Holiness) the more we experience the Kavodah (Glory). Restoration of missing truths, redeeming fallen doctrines, returning to our first love always leads to revival and redemption. We should seek more revival and redemption. This understanding is very Jewish nuanced however this is the blueprint and key to Revival. When the Nitzotzei moves on, we should move on, we should seek through Kedushah to bring the Kavodah into our lives. We are to live sanctified and holy lives so that Adonai may come and abide with us in glory. When the pattern is right the glory will fall.

The Nitzotzie is with us in diaspora and captivity to protect us as long as Adonai has us their to elevate creation. The people rejoice when the righteous are in charge the people grieve when the wicked are destroying creation. The whole aim of creation is to bring it back into the place that it bring glory to Elohim, who created it. This is the whole aim of Creation. However, when Adonai’s Nitzotzei moves on and you seek to bring Kedushah to creation you are releasing the Nitzotzei spark which provides spiritual energy to ha’satan and hinders the will of G-d. This is why when Adonai says move on you should move on. Trying to take something that is fallen and not in its right place with G-d and redeeming it to its right place can be a hindrance to the will of G-d if He wants you to move on and do this in another place. When the covering angels who bring the Divine Spark move on and are no longer with you because you did not go with them. You are creating energy for the fallen angels to feed on. This is not beneficial to the bringing the kingdom of G-d into the natural realm. As messenger of the King we are to bring the Kingdom of G-d as a spiritual reality in the realm we exist.

When the divine protection of the Shekinah moves on the rise of anti-semitism and persecution of the Remnant of believers begins because ha’satan hates to see the image of G-d in the earth and does everything he can to destroy those who seek to reconcile and redeem creation with its creator.

The Jewish people have gone to the far corners of the world, it is time to call them home, to make Aliyah to Israel for the Kibbuts Goliut the “Ingathering of the Exiles” and we are seeing this all the time, with the Ethiopian, Russian and Indian Jews, eve now Chineses Jews making Aliyah.

According to Rabbi Pinchas, Adam Ha’Rishon, the First Adam, the First man, eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil at the 10th hour of the 6th day according to Rabbi Yehudah the gamatria for this from the creation of Adam Ha’Rishon corresponds with 1990 in the Gregorian calendar, the time period in which the internet began to explode knowledge to the world and fulfilling the prophecy that in the end times knowledge will increase. I recommend watching Geulah b’Rachamim Seminar with Rabbi Winston Pinchas, this is really good stuff.

He posits the point that some Sages and Rabbi’s have posited the the age of Messiah’s return is coming to a close and that corresponding with the years of 2025 and 2029, between two rabbi’s opinion Mashiach should return. This is interesting because Yeshua’s ministry because on Yom Kippur in 25 CE (by my calculations), and between 2025 and 2029 is the year 2027, it is smack in the middle. The Jubilee year falls in 2017, and the Sabbath Years or “Shmitim” in Hebrew follow in 2024 and 2031.

There is debate over when Yeshua started his ministry. Somewhere around 25 to 27 CE is the consensus. There is debates whether Yeshua was crucified in 30 CE all the to 35 CE by some but most congeal around 30 to 33 CE. Some say Yeshua’s ministry was three years, others say six years. Based on calendar calculations around the festivals Yeshua’s ministry was most likely 6 and a half years starting in the fall around Yom Kippur in 25 CE and dying on Pesach in 32 CE. That is “if” the birth of Yeshua was in the 5 BC, which is the most likely and most accepted date.

Adam was supposedly created 4004 BC, then 80 cycles of Jubilee would have completed in the year 4 BE, making the year 31 CE a Jubilee year. During Yeshua’s ministry there was a Jubilee year. If Yeshua’s death fell on the year following the Jubilee that would make sense. As the sages say there were 2,000 years of Tohu lawlessness, 2,000 of law from the calling of Avraham until the age of Messiah, which began 5 days before the birth of Yeshua at Sukkot. Yeshua lived his first year as a child in year that the 4,000 Jubilee cycle ended. The Jubilee cycle begin a the Yom Kippur of the 5th Century and carry in to the 4th century ending at Yom Kippur of the 4th century. The age of Messiah is supposed to end at the end of another 40 cycles of Jubilee, at the end of the final 2,000 years making a total number of years of man 6,000 years which corresponds with 120 cycles of Jubilee making the age of man 120 Jubilee Cycles.  This would mean that in 1996, 4 years before 2,000 it was 2,000 years from Yeshua’s birth.

Now some posit that it was at the beginning of Yeshua’s ministry in 25 or 27 CE that began the age of Messiah and yet others say that at Yeshua’s death between 30 and 32 CE began the age of Mashiach. All of this can be true or not true. I do not know. Whether the age of Mashiach began in 4 BC or later I do not know but I do know that 4 BC which was in the first year of Yeshua’s life it was the 80th Jubilee from Creation according to the genealogies and math of both Christian and Jewish scholars.

Now moving to the present age, it seems that 1917 was a Jubilee year, when the Belflour Declaration of a Jewish home was to be established in Israel and then the Yovel or Jubilee of that feel on 1967 and so we come to 2017, as a Yovel from those first two Yovels, according to Rabbi’s 2017 is the 10th Yovel from when the Turkish empire began to rule over the middle east, including Jerusalem, which ended in 1917. Israel has been free from Turkish hands since 1917 from 1917 to 1967, the UN, had control of Jerusalem for parts of that time, then Jordan, and the 6th day war brought the heart of Israel Jerusalem back into Jewish hands ending the Age of Gentiles. This happened in the Jubilee year. We then entered a sacred time clock for the Yemot Ha’Mashiach “Times of the Mashiach’s” return. The time clock is ticking. Adonai does everything at His Moedim “Appointed Times” we are in those sacred times. In 1867 many Jews were released from Russia, Poland and other countries to make Aliyah to Israel or go where they please, many moved to America.

There will be 4 eclipses during the years 2014 and 2015 that coincide with the feasts of Israel, one of the other times that happened was in 25 CE and 27 CE. We are moving into prophetic times. The age of Mashiach is coming to close, we are nearing the end of the 6,000 years and the beginning of the millennial kingdom.

It maybe that Yeshua was born in the 4th Century, started his ministry in the 24th years and dying in the 31st year, all sabbatical years, However its more likely and more scholars would agree that Yeshua was born late 5th Century BC and lived as a baby in the 4th Century during the 80th Yovel from Adam ha’Rishon, as the 2nd Adam and following the close of the Sabbatical year of 24 CE began his ministry in 25 Common Era, and dying following the Sabbatical year of 31 CE, on Passover in 32 CE. Having studies the scholars, looked at the Jewish calendar and the corresponding Jubilee’s, as well as using Nasa’s website to calculate when the New Moons occurred and HebCal to see when the corresponded Jewish dates happened. In my estimation. 2025 is very possibly 2,000 years from Yeshua’s ministerial inauguration. I have been inclined to say that that 27 is more likely the year that Yeshua began his ministry based on the amount and quality of scholars who use that date, however based on the Jubilee cycle, I am leaning more toward 2025, being that it follows the 2024 sabbatical year, and then the end of the seven year cycle would be in 2031, however the seven year count from 2025 ends in 2032, if a Covenant of peace for seven years was confirmed with Israel in 2025 then 2032 would be when Mashiach returns. Those who believe in a Rapture say the Resurrection of the dead will occur at the beginning of the Tribulation. However the early Apostolic-Patristic writers stated that the Resurrection of the Dead and Return of the Mashiach would be on the same day. There will be a Seven year tribulation. I know the arguments for an against a rapture. I don’t know about the Rapture. I do know that there will be a Resurrection of the dead. The scholars of Yeshua’s time had it wrong myself and most other scholars today probably have it wrong. However if the Tribulation begins sometime after Rosh Hashanah in 2025, and Mashiach must return by sometime before or during Sukkot of 2032. Whether these dates are when Mashiach comes or not they near the anniversary of the beginning of his ministry and his death and resurrection.

Just as the coming to the land was with two of the 60 myriads, so too was the leaving of Egypt with two of the 60 myriads.Rava said, “It will be likewise in Yemos HaMoshiach …” (Sanhedrin 111a)

That’s powerful. So in the days of Mashiach, as we see in Revelation, many will be cut off from the land of the living. This confirms that the writings of the New Testament are in agreement with Torah and Talmud.

At the end of their exile, the oppression will be removed from them, and they will be joyous because they will be on the peak of the nations. The gentiles will give them honor and they will be their heads, instead of being disgraced and lowered amongst them as they were at first. Ya’akov will be the masses of the people, and the lesser amongst them; Yisroel are the great ones. The joyousness from being at the peak of the nations will be Ya’akov’s only, and not Yisroel’s, because they will want to return His Presence to Tzion. However, at that time they will announce and publicly proclaim, and praise God when they say, “O God, save Your [righteous] people, the remnant of Yisroel,” because they will want the true salvation of the ingathering of the exile and return to Tzion. Then God will return them: “Behold, I will bring them …” (Malbim)

Gentiles will turn to the G-d of Israel. The time of turning or returning has begun.

Now you can understand the meaning of, “Behold, you shall die with your fathers, and this people will rise up” (Devarim 31:16), which is considered to be one of the verses that has no apparent explanation (Yoma 56a). However, it can be explained with the words “rise up” referring to that which comes before and after them, and both explanations are true. For, in the future Moshe himself will reincarnate and return in the final generation, as it says, “you will die with your fathers and rise up.” However, in the final generation, the Dor HaMidbar will also reincarnate with the Erev Rav, and this is what the verse also says, “this people will rise up.” (Sha’ar HaGilgulim, Ch. 20)

The term reincarnate means to take up flesh again, it is referring to the resurrection of the dead not what we think of when the word appears in our minds. We are anticipating the Resurrection of the Dead.

Every Jew is obligated to see himself as if he too left Egypt. (Haggadah Shel Pesach)

This is a reminder to remember the past and prepare for the future coming of Mashiach.

It was taught in a brisa: Rebi Simai said, “It says, ‘I will take you to Me as a people’ (Shemos 6:7), and it says, ‘And I will bring you to the land’ (Ibid. 8). Just as the coming to the land [of Israel] was with two of the 60 myriads, so too was the leaving of Egypt with two of the 60 myriads.” Rava said, “It will be likewise in Yemos HaMoshiach, as it says, ‘She will dwell there as in the days of her youth, and as on the day of her ascent from Egypt’ (Hoshea 2:17).” (Sanhedrin 111a)

These are exciting times.

Thus, the Generation of the Desert along with the Erev Rav reincarnate in the final generation, “like in the days of leaving Egypt” (Michah 7:15). (Sha’ar HaGilgulim, Ch. 20)

We anticipate the resurrection of the Dead and the Yemot ha’Mashiach.

Principle XII. The era of the Mashiach

And this is to believe that in truth that he will come and that you should be waiting for him even though he delays in coming. And you should not calculate times for him to come, or to look in the verses of Tanakh to see when he should come. The sages say: The wisdom of those who calculate times [of his coming] is small and that you should believe that he will be greater and more honored than all of the kings of Israel since the beginning of time as it is prophesied by all the prophets from Moses our teacher, peace be upon him, until Malachi, peace be upon him. And he who doubts or diminishes the greatness of the Mashiach is a denier in all the Torah for it testifies to the Mashiach explicitly in the portion of Bilaam and the portion of “You are gathered (towards the end of Deut)”. And part of this principle that there is no king of Israel except from the house of David and from theseed of Solomon alone. And anyone who disputes this regarding this family is a denier of the name of God and in all the words of the prophets.

The wisdom is small meaning its hard to understand and no one can truly know when Mashiach will come. Whoever denies Mashiach denies Torah for all of Torah speaks of Mashiach. With all this speculation let us rest and know Mashiach will come and not deny Torah. However let us live ready if 2034 comes to pass and Mashiach hasn’t returned, there is no temple and we live on we must maintain faith.




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