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Dec 30th, 2012

para-DOX parABLEs 2012 Year In Review Blogging Annual Report

para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Pop Culture

Happy New Year from WordPress.com! To kick off the new year, we’d like to share with you data on your […]

BURBANK, CA - JUNE 17: In this handout photo p...
Dec 11th, 2012

Getting Lost At An Obscure Chair Festival In “Radiator Springs” Draws Artsy Visitors To The Historic Town Of Los Alamos Off Of Route 101

BlogCritics | Perspective | Pop Culture | Social Commentary

Yes, this annual but obscure festival is as interesting as it is quirky, artsy and unique which features chair racing, […]

Republican presidential candidates are picture...
Jan 6th, 2012

A Rear-View Look At Iowa Caucuses Results And What They Mean For New Hampshire

Blogging | Perspective | Politics | Pop Culture | Social Commentary

Are You Getting With Gingrich, Riding With Ron, Roaming With Romney or Getting Sanctified With Santorum? After a nail-biting late […]

American Chopper
Dec 5th, 2011

I Am Anticipating American Chopper Live [The Build Off] Featuring Paul Jr Design, OCC-Senior And Jesse James | Two Hours Live Event On Discovery Tonight!

Pop Culture | TV Shows

Image by industriarts via Flickr As many fo you know I have been following American Choppers ongoing family feud and […]

Twin Towers
Sep 7th, 2011

Paradoxical Reflections On 9/11 Ten Years Later

End Times | King Egypt'To'Tech | Movie Reviews | para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Politics | Pop Culture

We are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 and I would like to share how I feel […]

Share of the vote received by Conservatives (b...
Sep 5th, 2011

The End Of America? [When Good Liberals And Conservatives Disagree On Issues Of Faith Its Not The End Of The World Or Is It?]

para-DOX parABLEss | Politics | Pop Culture

Many people are living on propaganda and fear. The people who are propagating these ideas are using psychological manipulation, fear […]

Blackberry Playbook
Aug 15th, 2011

Smartphones-Devices And Not So Smartphones Part 2 (Apples VS Micrsoft, Google VS RIM) | Written For Technorati

para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Pop Culture | Product Review | Social Commentary | Technorati

As first published on Technorati here. Image by ETC@USC via Flickr I will get into why I say some smart […]

May 30th, 2011

Calvinism & Christian Hip Hop: A Strange Couple Or Good Bedfellow?

Hip-Hop | Pop Culture

The brother @KarlNova from across the pound put me on to this article “Holy Hip Hop and Calvinism: An Odd […]

May 13th, 2011

Saying Goodbye, Smallville! Is This The End Or Will There Be A Justice League Sequel? | Written For Technorati

Pop Culture | Technorati | TV Shows

Article first published as Saying Goodbye, Smallville! Is This The End Or Will There Be A Justice League Sequel? on […]

Apr 25th, 2011

Will There Be Reconciliation Between Junior And Senior On This Season Of American Chopper?

Perspective | Pop Culture | TV Shows

This new season of American Chopper looks like it’s shaping up to be very promising. There are some interesting facts that […]

Apr 25th, 2011

American Chopper: Discover The Art Of The Family Fued | Written For Technorati

para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Pop Culture | Technorati | TV Shows

Article first published as American Chopper: Discover The Art Of The Family Fued on Technorati. Dubbed as the show that “was […]

Handmade shmura matzo used at the Passover Sed...
Apr 15th, 2011

Why Easter? Why Not Passover? by Sondra Giehl

Biblical Feasts | Pagan Christianity | para-DOX parABLEss | Pop Culture

As I grew up it became less about the new Easter outfit and more about Resurrection Sunday. The pastor would have us celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead on the third day. This is a noble attempt from the church to redeem the Easter holiday by taking the attention off of the bunny and eggs. Now that I have grown up I don’t see how the bunny and eggs go with Jesus death or resurrection but I can see the appeal especially if you have children it gives you & them something to look forward to.

Becoming a believer in the Hebraic roots of Christianity I have come to understand, enjoy, and observe (to the best of my abilities) the feasts laid out in the Word of God (Leviticus 23). Knowing that I can find the exact scripture that says “do this remembrance of me” makes me at peace with my celebrations of the holidays.

Mar 17th, 2011

Music Leak: Bizzle & Jin – Forgive Me & Single Download courtesy of @MyNameIsBizzle @AyoJin

Music Video | Pop Culture

Here is another dope music leak from Jin and Bizzle, two dope rappers. Check it out some dope “change ya […]

The Colonial Revival headquarters of Fannie Ma...
Mar 8th, 2011

The End Times Survival Guide (Will There Be A Financial Crisis In The Next Year? Will 12/21/2012 Signify The Apocalypse?)

End Times | King Egypt'To'Tech | Pagan Christianity | Perspective | Politics | Pop Culture | Social Commentary

Are we in the end times? Depends on your definition. Have we been in the End Times? Since Yeshua came […]

Armageddon looming
Feb 28th, 2011

Revelation About These Revolutions: Is This The End Of The World As We Know It Or Is It An Intelligently Designed Opportunity For Evangelism?

King Egypt'To'Tech | para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Politics | Pop Culture | Social Commentary

Right now 8 or so Countries in the Middle East have / are Experiencing Revolution and the existing governments can’t stop […]

Peopel Marching from Shubra to Tahrir Square t...
Feb 14th, 2011

Egypt: An On-Going Story Of Popular Revolution (The Power Of The Right Of Assembly & Non Violent Protest)

para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Politics | Pop Culture

Image by RamyRaoof via Flickr Thanks to the advent of Twitter, Facebook and Google this revolution got a second wind that […]

Feb 4th, 2011

Response To A Bum Rap From HCR Dishonest Reviewer Raymond Carrillo Via @HolyCulture

Album Reviews | para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Pop Culture

Who is Raymond Carrillo anyway? And what did I ever do to him? Alright so I saw that HCR posted […]

Jan 31st, 2011

Short Film: HERO! Black & Yellow (A Short Martial Arts Film Inspired by Bruce Lee & The Last Dragon)

Hip-Hop | Music Video | para-DOX parABLEss | Pop Culture

I found this little video online and found it a bit humorous and a bit interesting. The fighting style is […]

Jan 25th, 2011

My Response to VigilantCitizen's Post "David Banner & 9th Wonder Talk Illuminati and my Comments Regarding Illuminati in Hip-Hop "

Hip-Hop | King Egypt'To'Tech | Pagan Christianity | para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Politics | Pop Culture

As I do follow the VC blog and am constantly speaking on the Paganism and Illuminati influence’s that seek to […]


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