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Dec 30th, 2012

para-DOX parABLEs 2012 Year In Review Blogging Annual Report

para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective | Pop Culture

Happy New Year from WordPress.com! To kick off the new year, we’d like to share with you data on your […]

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Nov 14th, 2012

Using Crowd-Funding To Make Your Next Project An Enormous Success | Written For New Media Expo

para-DOX parABLEss

Here is a snippet from the article I wrote for the New Media Expo. Many times the main struggle for […]

Blacklight (Tedashii album)
Jan 5th, 2012

Just para-DOXs’ Top 11 Christian Hip Hop Albums Of 2011 + Near Misses

Album | Hip-Hop | Music Industry | News | para-DOX parABLEs | para-DOX parABLEss | Perspective

Wow! is all I can say. 2011 has been a beautiful year for Christian Hip Hop Music. It has been […]

Baloney (album)
Mar 29th, 2011

My Response To The Thought Provoking Blog Aptly Titled "Baloney" by Josh of Sphere Of Hip Hop

para-DOX parABLEss

Image via Wikipedia So I’ve been following the “Enjoy Hip-Hop Responsibly” official blog of Sphere of Hip-Hop for a while […]

Image representing PodOmatic as depicted in Cr...
Mar 14th, 2011

The Three p (3p) podCAST: Episode 1

3p podCAST | para-DOX parABLEss

  To Download mp3 Version: Click Here (The Three p (3p) podCAST: Episode 1) Listen in podOmatic Now: Click Here […]

Jan 31st, 2011

Free e-Book: Navigating the New Music Market (The Complete Series) | Download Now

Hip-Hop | Navigating The New Music Market | para-DOX parABLEss

I wrote this as a series to share things that I’ve discussed with a lot of artist seeking counsel. This […]

Jan 18th, 2011

The Top Ten Christian Hip Hop Articles Written by Just para-DOX

Album Reviews | Hip-Hop | Movie Reviews | Music Video | Navigating The New Music Market | para-DOX parABLEss

The Top Ten Christian Hip Hop Articles Of 2010 The Fallen Shall Rise (The Fall & Return Of Our Fallen […]

DJ Multi-Media Workshop and Performance Studio...
Jan 10th, 2011

Keys To Becoming Successful In The New Music Market: Navigating The New Music Market (Part 9)

Navigating The New Music Market | para-DOX parABLEss

Here are a few keys you can use to become successful in the new music: 1) Hustling Through Merchandising Having […]

Jul 11th, 2010

Album Review: The Washington Projects – Light Up The Dark | Written For Rapzilla

Album Reviews | para-DOX parABLEss

In the vein of City High, The Fugees and Black Eyed Pea’s, SoulJahz came on the scene as a rap […]

May 27th, 2010

Album Review: Deepspace5 "The Future Aint What It Used To Be" | Written For Rapzilla

Album Reviews | para-DOX parABLEss

Deepspace 5 is back with another classic crew album with all in house production and raps. When you have a crew […]

May 12th, 2010

Message In The Music: A Huge Opportunity | Written For Rapzilla.com

para-DOX parABLEss

Here is an excerpt from and article that I wrote for Rapzilla. You can read the complete article at RapZilla.com. […]

Apr 14th, 2010

Album Review: Braille “Weapon Aid” | Plus Album Download

Album Reviews | para-DOX parABLEss

“Welcome to Weapon Aid” Braille asks you to take a risk and buy the album off the cover and title. I […]


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